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Recipe Idea Tasty recipes with cow's milk alternatives

7 Easy Chicken Dinners (May 2019).


Soya, rice or coconut milk are healthy alternatives to classic cow's milk. They taste creamy, nutty or sweet and can be processed beautifully in many different recipes. We show you delicious recipe ideas with different cow milk alternatives here.

Vegan chocolate cake "Dimi De Luxe"

This heavenly chocolate pie is made with soymilk.

Vegan apple marzipan miniscones

Use vegetable soymilk for the apple-marzipan scones.

Does not this cake look great? Rice milk is used for baking.

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Sweet potato soup with coconut milk

Here, the coconut milk gives the soup a very special touch.

Healthy acai lime shake

Get your day off to a great start with this Acai Shake. The shake is prepared with rice mousse.

Recipe: leftover cake

The Restekuchen tastes best with soy milk!

marble cake

One of the many cow milk alternatives is coconut milk. For the marble cake you need exactly this.

Vegan banana bread

The banana bread is prepared quickly and easily. The special feature: vegetable soy milk.

Thai chicken soup with coconut milk

The spicy chicken soup is refined with coconut milk and thickened.

Vegan apple pie

Use soy milk instead of cow's milk when baking.

Almond Milk Recipe

Are you looking for a healthy cow's milk alternative? We'll show you how to make almond milk yourself. The sweetish nut drink tastes delicious, is free from lactose and gluten and also contains all the important fiber.

Potato soup with red lentils

Coconut milk is great for the exotic note and for thickening.

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