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Feather and Fan | Lace Knitting Pattern #3 (May 2019).


A companion that you will not want to miss anymore: This cotton-blend throw ("Opera and Estivo II" by Lana Grossa) will fit into the theater as a noble stole in the evening and as a casual wrap poncho for every walk. The best: The all-rounder is quickly knitted - and also succeeds beginners.

Stole with pearl and wave pattern approx. 160 x 60 cm (L x W)

Material: Lana Grossa quality "Opera" (65% cotton, 25% nylon, 5% viscose, 5% paillettes, LL = approx. 100 m / 50 g): approx. 300 g dark gray (size 13) and Lana Grossa -Quality "Estivo II" (85% cotton, 15% polyamide, LL = approx. 150 m / 50 g): approx. 100 g light gray (Fb. 14); Knitting Needles No. 8, 1 Crochet Hook No. 4.

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Note: Due to the loose knit style, the stole falls very casual and spreads when worn in length and width! Pearl and wave pattern: After the knitting str. The numbers li on the outside indicate the back-R, on the outside the back-R. Start in the width with the sts in front of the first arrow. Stitch the sts = 12 sts between the arrows and end with the sts after the second arrow. At the height the 1st - 33rd R 1x str., Then the 8th - 33rd R always wdh.

Mesh sample: 11 M and 26 R or 1 MS in height in pearl and wave pattern with Nd. No. 8 = 10 x 22.5 cm.

Version: 68 M with Nd. No. 8 and Opera beat. Straighten in pearl and wave pattern, starting with 1 back-R as shown and between the arrows 4x arb. At the height after the 33rd round the 8th - 33rd round 6 times, with the M at the last repetition already loose in the 33rd row. There are a total of about 160 cm = 189 R knitted.

Finishing: stretch, moisten and let dry. First with the crochet. Crochet No. 4 and Estivo II fe M with fringes over the longitudinal edges, while loosely working. Crochet only 1 st in 1st row, making 9 sts each over 10 cm. Crochet in 2nd row in each row of previous row 1 sts with fringe as follows: Cut into the sts of the pre-R, loop the piece of work around 3 fingers of the left hand, pull the thread through the sts, the sts Crochet to end, now take the fingers out of the noose and crochet 1 Luftm tight, so that the noose is fixed. Crochet the 3rd row as the 2nd row. So the loops are 1x before and 1x behind the work. Then crochet the narrow sides of the stole just as well.

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