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Cheating Why do men go strange?

Rethinking infidelity ... a talk for anyone who has ever loved | Esther Perel (June 2019).


Do men have a stranger gene? Whether David Beckham or Arnold Schwarzenegger: One sex scandal follows the next. Can men not be faithful? A search for traces.

Damn good he looked. He was funny and smart. And very sexy. But after two months it was over. I had to realize that I was just an affair for him - and it would always be. Obviously there are men who already have a lot and still can not get enough. Apart from marriage or a steady relationship, they seek sexual satisfaction, even if it can cost them their professional lives, or the end of their marriage when everything comes out. The current prominent cases are - if one believes surveys - only the tip of an iceberg.

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Everywhere in Germany men go strange. Sometimes even the company pays, as the Hamburg-Mannheimer insurance company grudgingly acknowledged, when it came out that the company had organized a priva-tery for particularly deserving employees in Budapest. And yes, you know it from the charming colleague who smooches with every intern at the latest on the summer party, although he is the father of three small children. Or from the neighborhood. As separates the seemingly so happy couple, because she has found out that he was regularly in the brothel. The truth is: If there were not a lot of customers, there would not be daily page by page classified ads for commercial love in daily newspapers.

At some point, one idea creeps in: Does my husband perhaps also belong to those who can not keep their hands off foreign women's bodies? Hardly any other topic lied as much as sex. Therefore, the numbers of male infidelity vary depending on the study between 10 and 50 percent. The truth will probably be somewhere in between. But why do men do that? Is it the genes? Power games? Vanity? Evolutionary biologists explain the desire for infidelity as follows: The more sex with different women men have, the more successful they can spread their genes. This prologic Stone Age thinking pattern is so dominant in some moments that nothing else matters: neither the desire for loyalty (which almost all men according to polls have as well as women) nor the row house to be paid together.

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