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Chocolate Crepe Cake Recipe - Homemade Chocolate Cake Without Oven - Eggless Cake Recipe - Bhumika (May 2019).


Delicious pies and cakes without baking? That's fine! Here you will find our most beautiful recipes for the cold and delicious cakes from the fridge.

Torta di Mascarpone

A delicious mascarpone cream with Vienna soil and spoon biscuits. And without baking!

Recipe: Torta di Mascarpone

Cake without baking: Quickly prepared and refreshing!

They are prepared quickly, taste delicious and come refreshing from the fridge: the cakes without baking. With low calories and delicious ingredients such as blueberries, rice pudding or yoghurt, the cakes come along and provide a refreshingly light treat. By eliminating baking time can conjure up creations that conjure up with creamy filling eg a cream cheesecake. In order to obtain the desired consistency, it is best to put the cake in the fridge overnight. Have fun discovering new recipe ideas!

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Lemon bars

Cold and straight from the fridge, this cake with the fresh taste of Lemon is a real treat.

Here is the complete recipe for the Lemon Bars >>

Petites Tartes au Chocolat

Cold and fresh from the fridge, they are a perfect dessert on warm summer days.

Recipe: Petites Tartes on Chocolat

Chocolate cherry tarts

Chocolate nut cookies, chocolates and cherries - this cake is a dream of dessert.

Here you will find the recipe for the chocolate and cherry tart >>

Rice pudding and apricot cake

A delicious crunchy ground with cold cream. Good Appetite!

Here you will find the recipe for the milk rice apricot pie >>

Blueberry cheesecake

The cream cheese gives the cake not only the support but also the loose-light taste.

Here you will find the complete recipe of the blueberry cream cheese cake >>

Gooseberry mascarpone cake

A crunchy meringue topping and sweet gooseberries with orange biscuits - this cake leaves nothing to be desired.

Here is the recipe for the gooseberry mascarpone cake >>

Tarta di Naranja

This cake goes fast and tastes fresh and tasty.

Here is the recipe for the Tarta di Naranja >>

Here are the best recipes for cheesecake >>

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