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NEW Almased Shake Review 2018: Does This Product Really Work? (March 2019).


Almased is the way to lose weight healthily and permanently. Here you will find all the important information about the Almased products, delicious recipes and testimonials from people who want to lose weight with Almased.

Diet plans with Almased

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Planfigur program with Almased

We reveal how it works.

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The Almased diet plan

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The four phases of the Almased diet plan at a glance

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Your Almased shopping list

Everything you need to start your Almased diet at a glance.

Almased books exclusively from GU

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The Almased program

Lots of information, tons of tips and delicious recipes for the Almased diet.

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Almased smoothies

Recipes for Almased smoothies with fruits and vegetables that bring variety.

Almased recipes

Almased Recipes: Overnight Muesli

Almased Recipes: Cauliflower Pizza

Almased Recipes: Blitzgulasch

Almased Recipes: Kiwi Sour Smoothie

Almased recipes from the Thermomix

Almased Recipes: Red Porridge Smoothie

Almased Recipes: Omelette with mushrooms

Almased Recipes: Green Power Smoothie

Almased Recipes: vegetable stock

Almased Recipes: Blueberry Yogurt Mix

Almased Recipes: Stuffed eggplants

Almased Rezeote: Burger with a twist

Almased Recipes: Refine Shakes Delicious

Almased Recipes: Vegetarian Vegetable Lasagna

Almased Recipes: Vegetable casserole

Questions and answers about Almased

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Is Almased healthy?

How healthy are the diet products from Almased?

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How fast do you take off Almased?

How many kilos can you bid farewell in which time?


Lose weight

Does Almased really work?

Whether a diet works with Almased, you can read here


Experiences with Almased

Lose weight

Almased: experience with the diet plan

Online Editor Ines reports on her very personal Almased experiences.

Healthy and long term decrease with Almased
Many people have often lost a few pounds, but the dreaded yo-yo effect only destroys this success too quickly. That is why it is so important to completely change his eating habits and to eat a healthy and balanced diet. The natural Almased ingredients help you to change your diet permanently without starving. The combination of shakes from the high-quality protein powder and balanced vitality ensures that you can lose weight and keep your new desired weight in the long term. The many Almased recipes offer a great variety, with which you can make your diet balanced and varied. The various Almased diet plans, such as the Bikini emergency plan, the plan figure in 14 days or liquid fasting, provide the appropriate weight loss program for everyone. And thanks to the natural ingredients, diabetics Almased can easily be integrated into your diet plan.

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