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Waffles The best waffle recipes

Easy Homemade Belgian Waffle Recipe (May 2019).


The delicious smell of freshly made waffles makes the hearts of young and old beat faster. We have put together the best waffle recipes from sweet to savory for you.

The best waffle recipes

The fast cakes are very popular, fun and taste nice and sweet. The waffle dough can be mixed easily and quickly according to his preferences and, for example, delicious cherries, an apple or buttermilk into it. The fruit gives the dough a pleasant sweetness and tastes nice and fresh. In the waffle iron, the waffle is baked quickly and then only has to be garnished well with powdered sugar or cinnamon. We have put together the most delicious waffle recipes for you. That's when your mouth will water.

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Waffle variations

Waffles are still a classic when it comes to hot pastries, treats for parties (such as children's birthday parties), breakfast and brunch or snacks during the Advent season. With their scent and sight, childhood memories come alive: we combine them with domestic comfort, security and certain people. In addition to the classic waffles "according to grandma's recipe", we have put together delicious versions of the eggs for you.

Cream waffles from the oven

These waffles are especially sweet and crispy by their preparation in the oven. Here you will find the recipe for cream waffles >>

Belgian waffles

This waffle dough is a yeast dough and makes for particularly large fluffy waffles. Here we have the recipe for Belgian waffles >>

Chai Latte Waffles

These chocolate wafers convince by the delicious taste of Chai-Latte. We tell you in the recipe for chai latte waffles how to do them.

Waffle cake with fresh berries

Why not serve as an imposing cake? That makes for a real eye-catcher at brunch. Here you will find the recipe for waffle cake with fresh berries and fruity cream >>

Vanilla waffles with baked apple

The mild sweetness of vanilla waffles with baked apple is enhanced by smoky whiskey and vanilla ice cream. For warm thoughts on cold winter days.

Click here for the recipe for vanilla waffles with whiskey baked apple >>

Orange buttermilk waffle stars with toffee sauce

A fluffy fruit alternative to the classic waffles: Loose orange-buttermilk hearts meet seductive caramel. If baking for adults, you may also like to add a dash of whiskey to the toffee sauce.

Click here for the recipe for orange buttermilk waffles with caramel >>

Chocolate spice waffles with marinated oranges

These spicy-sweet waffles are a treat, especially in the cold season, as they contain warming-stimulating spices such as cinnamon, cloves and star anise. These intensive tastes are compensated by the addition of cream, orange juice and honey.

Click here for the recipe for chocolate spice waffles with marinated oranges >>

Hearty waffles

Just as spicy and hearty as "poor knight" or omelette, the hearty waffle is ideal as a farmer's breakfast or as an invigorating snack, and is particularly inexpensive due to the ingredients.

Click here for the recipe for hearty waffles >>

Hearty sweet potato waffles

Try this hearty and especially healthy waffle variant! They are also gluten-free.

Here is the recipe for hearty sweet potato waffles >>

Hearty tomato waffles

These waffles bring Italy to the table. The tomatoes, together with simple spices for a delicious savory taste. Here you will find the recipe for hearty tomato waffles >>

Christmas Tree waffles

These delicious firs are a real eye-catcher on the Advent table and a great dessert during the Christmas season. The vanilla almond hearts are coated with colored marzipan and apricot jam - a pleasure not only for children!

Click here for the recipe for Christmas tree waffles >>

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