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Film Tip I love you Phillip Morris by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra



Hollywood's favorite Scot - actor Ewan McGregor - likes to try new roles. In his latest comedy, he twists Jim Carrey's head.

He has been away for a while: As UNICEF ambassador, Ewan McGregor rode his motorcycle from Scotland to Africa to show the real world ("Long Way Down", on DVD). Since then, the charming Scot has become a criminal: in "Illuminati" he was a diabolical priest, in "The Ghost Writer" he got into a murder plot, now he falls victim to a fraudster. Steven Russell (Jim Carrey) is a good citizen and family man - until he realizes that he likes men. His exquisite new lifestyle costs a fortune, so Steven procures the necessary dollars with clever scams and ends up in jail. There he meets the man of his life: The naive Phillip Morris (McGregor) sits down because of a trifle. It's love at first sight. When Steven is transferred to another detention center, he offers all his criminal imagination to be back with Phillip.

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Conclusion: Amusing tightrope walk between comedy, satire and romance. Based on a true story.

John Requa and Glenn Ficarra: I love you Phillip Morris, in the cinema from April 29th

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