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Recipe peach buttercream pie


Buttercream cake can not be missing on a festive coffee table! This recipe comes from the food blog "Saskia and around the clock".


  • 3-piece bright Viennese soil
  • 2 pck. Oetker vanilla cream
  • 2-3 tbsp peach jam
  • 2-3 peaches
  • flaked almonds
  • yellow food coloring


Made easy, fast and cheap: Produce the vanilla cream according to the package instructions and if you like, it turns yellow with food color tender yellow. Coat the first base with a layer of peach jam and then with cream. On the next floor give cream and some diced pieces of peach. Now comes the last floor on top of it, simply spread the remaining cream all around, decorate with almond flakes and peach slices.

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