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Everything about Easter

Scientists Finally Discovered the Truth About Easter Island (March 2019).


At Easter not only Easter eggs are painted and hidden, Easter is also a feast for gourmets and connoisseurs. Whether Easter brunch, Easter lamb or festive decorated cupcakes: We show you delicious Easter recipes and creative baking ideas for Easter. You will also find everything worth knowing about Easter and - of course! - the best crafting instructions and decoration ideas.

Hearty Easter recipes


Wine tips for Easter

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Which wine is suitable for the festive menu?

recipe ideas

Easter breakfast ideas for the whole family

Feasting on the holidays

This is how your Easter breakfast succeeds


Stuffed eggs on salad


Spicy Easter braid


Easter recipes

Poletto Recipes

Rack of lamb


Rack of lamb with pine nut crust


The best lamb recipes

Baking recipes & desserts

Traditional at Easter

Juicy yeast cake

A recipe that you can easily personalize with Amaretto.

Fried egg cake and lime cake

Colomba pasquale

Easter Dessert

Homemade eggnog

chocolate eggs

Making eggnog yourself

Fruity lime tartlets

In the Easter bakery

Cupcakes with eggnog cream

Creative Easter


To make Easter eggs beautiful

We have the most beautiful instructions for your Easter eggs!

DIY instructions

Easter: flowers as a versatile decoration element

We will explain what you can do at Easter everything great from your flower arrangements.

DIY instructions

Tinker Easter wreath

Make individual Easter wreaths with eggs, feathers, twigs and bows.

Decorating Ideas

paint Easter eggs

So give the egg an individual stamp.

Creative Easter

Ruffle eggs as Easter decorations

Refined egg decoration for the Easter table - simply beautiful!

Worth knowing about Easter

Simone Panteleit column

Why is there the Easter Bunny?

We answer that question.

Give joy

Easter Gifts

Great gift ideas for the whole family.


Lent Easter: 40 days without …

Ash Wednesday, the last day of Carnival, begins in the


Easter is not the same as Christmas, for example, but takes place every year on the first Sunday after the first spring full moon. In 2018, Easter Sunday falls on 1 April. Easter celebrates the end of the 40-day Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Saturday before Easter.

Holidays around Easter
The Easter season begins with the Palm Sunday, which starts the Holy Week. The following Thursday, Maundy Thursday, commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples. Maundy Thursday is the last day before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The faithful commemorate the death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday. In many countries, not only on Fridays, but throughout Holy Week, processions take place in which lavishly decorated saints are carried through the city. These parades are supposed to retell the ordeal of Jesus. In addition, Good Friday is a public holiday in Germany. The last day of Lent is Holy Saturday. The fasting are preparing to break the fast by preparing classic foods, such as an Easter lamb. The most important day is Easter Sunday, when the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated. Usually, different Easter dishes are served and celebrated with the whole family big. Easter Monday marks the end of Easter. Immediately thereafter begins the 50-day waiting period until Pentecost, the day on which the Holy Spirit of God appeared to man.

Traditions and customs at Easter

Dyed eggs are easy to easter and according to the stories, this custom is even a much older tradition than the Easter Bunny, which today is responsible for hiding Easter eggs. Especially children are happy to look for well-hidden Easter eggs in the house or in the garden. Most of the baskets contain chocolate, small gifts and colorful Easter eggs. In our Easter Special you will find tips on how to color your Easter Eggs in a very natural way. In addition to the colorful eggs, in many regions of Germany and the Easter fire is one of the customs around Easter. Traditionally, fire, like an Easter candle, stands for the light that Jesus Christ brought into the world. In northern Germany and in the Scandinavian countries, the fires in the Easter Vigil should also drive away evil spirits and the cold winter.

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