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Hearty Easter Ideas

Savory Easter Pie (Pizza Rustica) (March 2019).


Easter is definitely not just a celebration for sweeties, but also for those who are more into hearty treats. Browse through our hearty recipe ideas for Easter.


Wine tips for Easter

Which wine is suitable for the festive menu?

Fast and easy

Recipes with eggs

Sweet or salty, cold or warm, here is something for every taste.

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A festive Easter menu

Classic and vegetarian options for your Easter menu.

Poletto Recipes

Rack of lamb

Rack of lamb in Italian style? Just download free.


Stuffed eggs on salad

Low in calories and delicious: a perfect recipe for Easter.

Spicy Easter braid

Easter recipes

Juicy ham in a bread crumb

Lamb fillet skewers

This is how your Easter breakfast succeeds

Weed lamb salmon

Easter breakfast ideas for the whole family

Strammer Max on potato rösti

The best lamb recipes


Rack of lamb with pine nut crust

A delicious meal for the coming Easter.

spring vegetables

Asparagus recipes for easter

With these dishes, Easter becomes a pleasure.

Hearty Easter recipes
Easter is a true feast for connoisseurs. Not only sweet toothed cats get their money's worth, because at Easter there are also many hearty delicacies on the menu. Whether vegetarian vegetable specialties, fine fish or tasty meat dishes - the right recipes make the Easter menu a pleasure.

Easter eggs in different variants
At Easter you will find eggs not only in the form of chocolate in the Easter eggs or as a decoration on the table, but also on the menu. Eggs can not only be processed for Easter breakfast or as a stir-fried or fried egg, but they can also be filled or used for tasty eggnog. Let your creativity run wild and serve Easter eggs at this year's Easter brunch in a whole new way. In our Easter Special you will find a matching recipe guaranteed.

The classic Easter lamb

Lamb is undoubtedly one of the absolute classics for Easter. The tender meat offers a wide variety of preparation options: from lamb loin with pine nut crust, over delicious fillet skewers to herbed lamb salmon. And the remains of the Easter Lamb can be served the next day without problems as a fine cold cut at brunch. And if you prefer a sweet twist, just bake a delicious Easter lamb. In the pagan tradition, the lamb represents an offering to the gods at Easter. Later, the Easter lamb was also taken over into the Christian faith as a remembrance of Jesus Christ - the Lamb of God.

Fish on Good Friday

In many families there is traditionally a fish dish on Good Friday. Especially in the Catholic faith, Good Friday is a strict fasting day, at which meat is to be completely dispensed with. Fish is considered an acceptable alternative. The most popular fish for Easter are salmon and saithe, redfish, cod and trout.

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