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Easter A festive Easter menu

Easter party food decorating ideas (June 2019).


At Easter, not only are eggs searched. The family comes together and it is wonderfully feasted. You still need inspiration for your Easter menu? We have put together a few classics and vegetarian options for you.

Lamb, fish, Easter cake - there are also popular Easter recipes, which connects everyone immediately with the festive days in March or April. Easter is the perfect occasion for gathering friends and family together and having a good time together. If you then serve the perfect Easter menu, Easter will be a lasting memory for the whole family or your friends this year.

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Appetizer: Carpaccio of game fish

Thinly sliced ​​tuna and monkfish - a treat for your Easter table! Lemon pepper and coriander give the game fish that certain something. Try our recipe >>

Appetizer: sorrel soup

Sour makes fun. And this green soup is more herbal-aromatic than sour. If you have a garden, you may also find the sorrel there. Many consider it a weed at first sight! What a sacrilege, look at this delicious soup! So green and fresh, it's the perfect splash of color on your Easter table. The recipe can be found here >>

Appetizer: crab cocktail

Festive classic, remixed and served in a wine glass a real eye-catcher. We show you how the recipe works fast and easy >>

Main course: leg of lamb with beans

What is better than a juicy leg of lamb with spicy-aromatic beans as a side dish? Read here how to conjure a festive meal on the dining table!

Main course: cod with herb crust

Fish is almost as popular at Easter as lamb. This cod with herb crust tastes together with a potato salad deliciously fresh! The recipe can be found here >>

Main course: minty potato rösti

Layer by layer vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium - these potato rösti are not only vegetarian but also vegan and with eggplant and a fine avocado cream are delicious and also really healthy! Find here the recipe for the vegetarian Easter dish >>

Dessert: Lime tartlets with meringue topping

Spring freshness for the palate is guaranteed by the fruity-fresh tartlets. With their yellow color, they fit perfectly with the daffodils on your holiday table. The recipe for the sweet temptation can be found here >>

Dessert: Easter lamb

The Easter lamb is a traditional pastry that can hardly be missed on a ceremonial table. It should remember the suffering of Jesus Christ, "the Lamb of God". With a little ice cream or whipped cream, a special Easter dessert is served >>

Dessert: Swiss carrot cake

The Rüblikuchen is a classic from Switzerland and now known around the world. Try the delicious recipe of fresh carrots and crunchy nuts. A delicious buttercream completes the cake, which fits perfectly with the small, decorative carrots to the Easter menu. The recipe can be found here >>

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