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Weinschule The right wine for asparagus

Weinschule Folge 48: Cabernet Sauvignon (June 2019).


Sauce hollandaise, béarnaise or just butter as a sauce? A good asparagus sauce is a suitable wine. Together with wine expert Max Gärtner from Vicampo, we have put together wines that harmonize perfectly with different asparagus dishes.

To the creamy hollandaise sauce

Sauce hollandaise is a sumptuous affair. But we know how to help ourselves and get the asparagus wine par excellence up its sleeve: Silvaner. Light, fresh, precise. Nice if he has a buffered acid like the "Am Stein Muschelkalk Silvaner trocken". The grassy-green aromas combine with the asparagus and make it float above everything. Completely detached.

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Asparagus, butter and good wine

Creamy, flowery, soft - almost buttery. No wonder that Pinot Blanc KJ Molitor is a good choice for asparagus with butter. The asparagus is not killed by the subtle flavors of white wine, but comes out wonderfully. The gentleman connection!

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Asparagus wrapped in bacon, veal schnitzel and fine wine

Asparagus wrapped in bacon - this may be a dry rosé. It is as intense as its greasy-smoky counterpart, and the tart cassis note provides variety. If you like like a lemon splash on his veal schnitzel, this finds in the clippers Clarette his Famulus. A round thing!

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Distinctive wine to béarnaise sauce

Sauce béarnaise has even more whims than hollandaise sauce, and has much more dominance and taste, for example with tarragon, chervil and pepper. So that no fatigue sets, we send a racy Palatinate Terroirwein into the race. The top Riesling from Knipser "vom Loess" does not just sound like ground, no. Down to earth and idiosyncratic, he plows our palate with racy acidity and minerality. Pure herbal freshness!

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Strong drop to green asparagus

The more intense green asparagus also tolerates a more powerful wine. Soft and expansive, the Palatine Pinot Gris by KJ Molitor counters the vegetal asparagus flavors and raises them to the next level.

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Red power to steak & asparagus

Fleshy, smoky, intense - that's the way a red wine should accompany a steak. In order not to completely drown out the asparagus, it takes a good-natured, gentle fellow who mediates between the individual components - such as the Lehmann Wildcard Cabernet Merlot! Nevertheless, the asparagus should definitely be grilled!

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