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Recipe ideas Easter breakfast ideas for the whole family

BRUNCH CASSEROLE & PISTACHIO FLUFF SALAD || Easy Easter Recipes (March 2019).


An extensive breakfast with pancakes, scrambled eggs and Co. tastes great and small especially good. Be inspired by our creative recipe ideas and delight your loved ones with refined delicacies for the Easter holidays!

Pancake bunny

A pancake breakfast tastes great for all ages. This recipe for pancake easter bunnies is quick to prepare and a little highlight for Easter.If you like it fruity, you can simply sprinkle the pancakes with home-made jam. Mhhh, that tastes good!

Sponge cake with Easter bunny motif

This bunny cake is a real eye-catcher and very easy to bake. Here you will find the recipe for the Easter Bunny cake.

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Cheesecake in carrot form

This slightly different cheese cake with carrots will amaze your guests.

The recipe and detailed instructions can be found here >>

Sweet marshmallow eggs

A sweet dessert that will provide color on the Easter brunches.

Here is the recipe for the fast marshmallow eggs >>

Savory egg muffins

At Easter, only boiled eggs always come to the table? We have another idea. These hearty egg muffins are the perfect breakfast even on the go, for example, at the Easter picnic.

The recipe can be found here >>

Nasertüten in bunny shape

These sweet Easter cheese bags are also great as a table decoration.

The instructions can be found here >>

Table decoration for the Easter brunch

Not all sweet rabbits should disappear into a hiding place for Easter. We think they also make a nice table decoration.

What to look for when crafting, read here >>

Cocktail with eggnog

Eggnog is popular especially at Easter. We'll tell you how to make a fruity creamy cocktail out of it.

The recipe can be found here >>

Easter we treat ourselves chocolate!

Easter is a feast for gourmets and gourmets - there may be a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast, right? The cake is also perfect as a gift for an Easter coffee - chocolate is finally at any time of the day!

Mini-Americans with frosting

You can decorate the pastries with Easter motives. How about the Americans come across as colorful Easter eggs and little chicks? Packed as a gift, the whole family is happy about the little kitchen. The one basic recipe for Americans can be found here >>

Egg, egg, egg, what do I see?

Mhhh, these cute animal figures are really appetizing and look great. Whether on the bread or in the mouth - so beautifully decorated, the Easter eggs taste twice as good!

Bunny made from yeast dough

In the Easter bakery not only crispy cookies are baked. These little Easter bunnies from light yeast dough are also among the best Easter recipes. Still warm, the yeast bread tastes best with a delicious chocolate cream.

It will be fruity!

With fresh fruit and sweet fruits you do not go wrong! A crisp fruit salad provides plenty of energy and power for the day. So beautifully prepared, large and small guaranteed to grab the Easter brunch .

Small but nice

With these mini-cakes, carrots meet delicious icing. Sounds delicious? It is! Grated carrots ensure that the cake gets really nice and juicy.

Scrambled eggs with crispy bacon

An Easter brunch without scrambled eggs would only be half as delicious. In order for you to succeed in an airy-loose scrambled egg, you should definitely use fresh eggs. Together with crispy fried bacon, the scrambled eggs are a real treat for any breakfast.

Crunchy Easter biscuits

These colorful Easter biscuits are baked in no time and a real highlight on the festive Easter table. The biscuits can also be given away as a gift or hidden in small nests!

Easter breakfast cake

Whether Easter Sunday or Easter Monday - this sandwich is an absolute must for all breakfast fans. Herbal cream cheese makes the cake beautifully juicy and spicy. These fit crispy vegetable sticks!

Sweet to eat

Small muffins make perfect on the Easter table and taste small and large. These little chicks come as sweet easter chicks.

Healthy and tasty

Oatmeal is a real breakfast classic. Cut fresh fruit and decorate the treat as a sweet Easter Bunny's face. Great idea, right?

That's how the rabbit walks

Whether made of chocolate, wood or fabric for decoration or these homemade cookies: cute bunny motifs may not be missing for Easter. Young and old will be thrilled!

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