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Weinkunde wine tips for the summer

Bordeaux Wine Review: 2012 Chateau Sainte-Marie, Entre-Deux-Mers #3 (March 2019).


It must be juicy, fresh, tasty and, above all, well-chilled. A good summer wine tastes even with ice cubes

Because wine preferences depend on the seasons and move with them (in the fall you like to drink Beaujolais, of course sparkling wine at the end of the year), is now the ideal moment for a summer wine.

For cozy, well-being afternoons and entertaining terrace evenings with friends, who often pull themselves into the night, we need the right drink. But what exactly is behind the inspiring word "summer wine"? What does he look like, the perfect companion for the barbecue? There is a good price-performance ratio in every quality level, so it is worthwhile to look for a bit, instead of buying the first-best bottle in the supermarket.

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An optimal summer wine tastes tasty, fruity, fresh and juicy. It is served chilled and sometimes a few pieces of ice are allowed in the glass. Even the red wine has to be put in the fridge! Since the barbecue is not about perfect harmony of wine and food, this selection is first and foremost tasty and complements the light cuisine.

Sun in the glass
2008 Elbling, Stephan Steinmetz, Moselle, 0, 75 l / 4, 20 Euro, Tel. 0 65 83/2 34, A bargain for fans of slim wines.

2007 Gold Droplets Riesling Cabinet, Reinhold Haart, Moselle, 0, 75 l / 15, 90 Euro, via Fischers Wine Enjoyment & Table Delights, Tel. 02 21/3 10 84 70, Delicate peach flavors with delicate fruit sweetness.

2008 Riesling Cabinet "Spay" dry, Florian Weingart, Middle Rhine, 0.75 l / 6.00 Euro, Tel. 0 26 28/87 35, Fresh Riesling passion from the steep slope.

2008 Oestricher Lenchen Riesling Cabinet dry, Andreas & Bernd Spreitzer, Rheingau, 0, 75 l / 8, 00 Euro, Tel. 0 67 23/26 25, Juicy luxuriance from the Rheingau.

2008 Schwanenleite Silvaner "Alte Reben" dry, Weltner, Rödelsee, Franconia, 0.75 l / 8.50 Euro, Tel. 0 93 23/36 46, Density and substance pure.

2008 Sauvignon Blanc, Burgunderhof Pfannebecker, Rheinhessen, 0, 75 l / 5, 90 Euro, Tel. 0 62 47/2 86, Cool and enjoy.

2008 Riesling Spätlese dry, Georg Naegele, Palatinate, 0.75 l / 7.70 Euro, Tel. 0 63 21/28 80, Well-known solid Palatine juiciness.

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