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Garlic Mushrooms and Onions - Side Dish or Over Steak - PoorMansGourmet (May 2019).


Our best recipe ideas with mushrooms will enrich your recipe collection. Whether from the grill, to the hearty meat dish or raw in the salad: the popular mushrooms simply taste delicious.

Cannelloni with chicken and ricotta filling

This delicious pasta dish evokes memories of your last holiday in Italy. With chicken breast and ricotta, gorgonzola and a dash of white wine for the sauce, this casserole becomes a treat. Of course, the mushrooms must not be missing.

Click here for the recipe for cannelloni with chicken and ricotta filling >>

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Champignon cake with ham

This spicy cake tastes extra juicy, whether for lunch or dinner. With mild mushroom cheese, cooked ham and of course many delicious mushrooms, the hearty enjoyment succeeds best.

Click here for the recipe for champignon cake with ham >>

Mushroom tortilla

A delight not only for fans of Spanish cuisine: The mushroom tortilla tastes best with pink mushrooms. For the dough you need above all eggs and potatoes, spring onions and herbs.

Here you will find the complete recipe for the delicious mushroom tortilla >>

Gratinated vegetables with ricotta filling

Simply delicious! Celebrity chef Cornelia Poletto recommends roast vegetables stuffed with ricotta cream cheese, pineapple kernels and parmesan cheese. Tomatoes, zucchini and, of course, large mushrooms are best suited. Not only is this dish fast-paced, it's also a hit for parties or a home-away-from-home treat.

Here you get directly to the recipe for gratinated vegetables with ricotta filling >>

Cheese spaetzle with mushrooms

What originally came from Swabia has meanwhile made its way onto the menus throughout Germany: cheese spätzle. With brown mushrooms this specialty becomes a dreamlike pleasure.

Click here for the recipe for cheese spaetzle with mushrooms >>

Potato dumplings with mushrooms

Neither fish nor meat you need to conjure up this delicious dish: potato dumplings made from floury potato with a tasty cream sauce from mushrooms.

Click here for the recipe for potato dumplings with mushrooms >>

Clear turnip soup

This autumnal stew is refined with a mix of mushrooms and onions for enjoyment. You also need white turnips and a Hokkaido pumpkin. Almonds and white wine refine the delicious soup. By the way: The clear beet soup is ideal as a diet recipe!

Here you will find the complete recipe for the clear beet soup >>

mushroom risotto

Granted: At first glance, this recipe takes some getting used to. However, it has found a place in the category "leftovers-recipes". With these recipes you can use what's left over.

Go to the recipe for mushroom risotto and our other leftovers recipes here >>

marinated mushrooms

If you think of antipasti, think of mushrooms. The mushrooms in marinated preparation are therefore indispensable in the typical Italian cuisine. With olive oil and garlic, preferably prepared the day before, the marinated mushrooms will taste great.

The recipe for marinated mushrooms is here >>

Mushroom stuffed ravioli with sage butter

This vegetarian recipe is for the discerning palate. The homemade ravioli pasta dough gives saffron a wonderful touch. To enjoy is also the sage butter, which is very easy to produce.

Read the full recipe for mushroom ravioli with sage butter >>

Mushroom tortellini with asparagus

Asparagus is one of the most popular types of vegetables of the Germans. In combination with mushrooms, the treat is rarely found on the menu. With this recipe, the mushrooms are part of a delicious tortellini filling. Try it!

Click here for the recipe for mushroom tortellini with asparagus >>

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