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Easter fish on Good Friday

Easter Fried Fish Good Friday Recipes | Recipes By Chef Ricardo (April 2019).


Traditionally, fish is eaten in Germany on Good Friday. But why not meat or other vegetarian dishes? We explain what is behind it and have put together some delicious fish recipes for you!

Recipe for smoked salmon pizza with ricotta

For many, Good Friday is known as so-called "fish day".But where does this tradition come from?

This custom comes from Christianity. Good Friday is the most important day of fasting, so it is important to eat meat. For centuries, fish is eaten on Good Friday.

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The fish is also a Christian symbol and over the years has become a symbol of religion. At baptism, the baptized person dives like a fish under the surface of the water. Fish in Greek means "Ichthys", which is the initial letters of Jesus Christ the Son of God Savior. In addition, fish is considered a particularly modest and moderate food, because the consumption of meat was forbidden on fasting days. Believers are therefore to commemorate the sacrificial death of Jesus while eating fish.

Recipe for cod with herb crust

Even today, many believers and unbelievers practice this custom. In some countries, special Good Friday dishes are available, such as "Pickled Fish" (cod) in Cape Town, "Bacalhau" (salt cod) in Brazil, or "Chupe de Viernes Santo" (seafood soup) in Peru.

In addition, the consumption of fish strengthens the heart, the brain and the immune system - a very healthy alternative to meat. In addition, the many proteins are a healthy satiety and boost the metabolism. Wervolle Omega-3 fatty acids are in fish, which the body can not produce itself, but absolutely needs.

Fish may be served much more often and not only on Good Friday!

Recipe for salmon carpaccio with fried asparagus

>> Have a good time on Good Friday and enjoy a tasty Easter cake or beautifully decorated Easter cookies as a dessert for your fish menu.

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