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Summery recipes Light salads for hot days

Broiled Fish and Summer Salad - Everyday Food with Sarah Carey (June 2019).


When it's hot outside, we rarely have the sense of hearty pan and oven food. With our summery salad recipes, you can conjure up a light lunch or dinner with plenty of vitamins.

Spicy fig salad

Arugula, goat's cheese, figs and honey make an exotic rendezvous on the plate. Lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper make the creation simple, but delicious. This salad is guaranteed not on every menu!

The recipe can be found here >>

Spicy sweet potato and bean salad

On hot days, spicy foods help us to sweat - and sweat makes for a cool head! That's why this spicy Tex-Mex salad is just right for a lunch at over 30 degrees. Of course it tastes even in cooler temperatures!

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The recipe can be found here >>

Zucchini Cashew Salad with Parmesan

This salad of zucchini, cashew and Parmesan is prepared in no time. Its taste goes well with fish or meat dishes. In the video you can learn step-by-step how to prepare the salad yourself quickly and easily.

The recipe with video instructions can be found here >>

Mexican layer salad

Nachos with guacamole? Do we know. But a layered salad of nachos, iceberg lettuce, minced meat, beans and crème fraîche will delight every guest on your balcony or in the garden with summer dinners.

The recipe for the plate attraction can be found here >>

Salad in edible bread cup

A crisp eye-catcher that also tastes good: this is our colorful salad in an edible bowl of sesame and poppyseed bread. Of course, the bread is also home-baked and complements the fresh salad as a filling garnish. The dressing settles after a short time in the bread and both together make a delicious combination!

The recipe for this salad variation can be found here >>

Bulgarian Schopska salad

The Schopska salad is the Bulgarian variant of the Greek salad. In summer this variant belongs to every table in Bulgaria. It is well digestible and also easy to prepare. A few ingredients make this delicious Mediterranean food!

The recipe can be found here >>

Salmon tartare on potato and cucumber salad

A fully ripe avocado makes this salad especially creamy - and the different layers are particularly decorative in this salad ensemble. This salad is definitely a hot candidate for summer dinner parties!

The recipe can be found here >>

Spicy yum salad

Serve this fresh wild herb salad as a delicious appetizer or as a side dish to a delicious main course. Sweet and sour raspberry vinegar and crunchy apple pieces provide that certain something with a fruity note.

Here you will find the recipe >>

Greek salad

The Greek knows what tastes good: Ouzo, Tsatziki, coleslaw and Greek salad is one of them. The recipe with delicious feta, olives and a fine dressing is made quickly and tastes as a side dish or as a main course.

This way to the recipe >>

Salad wrap with avocado

With this salad wrap with avocado, you quickly conjure a wholesome meal that tastes delicious, is healthy and helps you lose weight. Refined with crispy chicken or spicy tofu, this wrap is a light treat.

Caesar salad

The combination of fresh romaine lettuce and warm chicken breast strips makes your mouth water. The spicy dressing still tops our recipe for Caesar Salad!

To the recipe >>

Salad of green lentils, dill and salmon

Fish lovers beware! This lentil salad is served with warm smoked salmon and refined with fresh dill. The juice of the lemons completes the dish and ensures a wonderful freshness. A delicious light dish that tastes great, especially on warm days.

Here is the recipe >>

Quinoa salad

Salads come in many variations and are usually easy and quick to prepare. The herbal-spicy quinoa salad is something quite different compared to a classic green salad.

Click here for the recipe >>

Orange and fennel salad

With this recipe, even the vegetable critics will discover their love of fennel among them. The light salad from the vitamin-rich root and orange not only tastes incredibly delicious, but also makes you slim. Try now!

Couscous Salad

In any case, one gets full from him, he tastes incredibly delicious and is ready in no time. A must have at the next barbecue party.

This way to the recipe >>

Chickpea salad

With this salad you do something for your Vitaminhaushalt and become at the same time well-fed. Try our vegetarian recipe for delicious chickpea salad!

Simple cucumber salad

This delicious cucumber salad with yoghurt is quickly made: Peel, cut and season the cucumbers and refine with the yoghurt dressing. You have not made a salad so fast!

To the recipe >>

Zucchini and pear salad

Zucchini do not just taste delicious when roasted or grilled. Raw as a salad and refined with pears and goat cheese, they are delicious, healthy and low in calories! We have the free recipe for you.

Cauliflower Salad

This salad is marinated with a spicy dressing of mustard and fresh pepper and then seasoned with fruity lemon juice.

This way to the recipe >>

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