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Best Recipes for JULY | Cakes, Cupcakes and More Yummy Dessert Recipes (May 2019).


Easter lambs, eggnog cake and yeast pastries - just like other holidays, Easter has its typical pastry. Here you will find the best baking recipes.

At Easter, our apartments smell of daffodils and hyacynths - and, of course, delicious Easter biscuits. Hefezopf and Osterlamm are just part of the festive season. We will tell you the best recipes for your Easter coffee table. Click through our recipes gallery. Happy Easter!

Easter Lamb

The Easter lamb may not be missing on any coffee table. The simple recipe becomes a pleasure for the eyes and tongue thanks to its special lamb shape. We have the recipe for you >>

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Whether for breakfast or coffee, with raisins or almonds - the Hefezopf belongs to Easter as the egg hunt. You can easily modify and individualize our classic recipe with some Amaretto, chocolate pieces or lemon juice. We hope you enjoy baking - here you will find the recipe >>

Swiss carrot cake

The Rüblikuchen is a classic from Switzerland and now known around the world. Try the delicious recipe of fresh carrots and crunchy nuts. A delicious buttercream completes the cake. The recipe can be found here >>

Egg liqueur cake

Anyone who loves eggnog not only at Christmas time, but also at Easter, will also be on this cake. The breezy dough is nicely juicy and aromatic due to the eggnog. Click here for the recipe >>

Eggnog lamb and Ostereri

With cute Easter 3D baking pans you can make a great dessert for Easter. We will introduce you to another delicious eggnog cake recipe and show you how to decorate it nicely. Click here for the recipe >>

Seductive vanilla snails

At Easter there are delicious snails, in the filling of which are chopped pistachios. The snails are very decorative in the Easter basket. Try our recipe yourself >>

Latte-Machhiato cupcakes

Not just for coffee drinkers and milk foam bats! These special latte macchiato cupcakes are the ideal side dish for a contemplative Easter coffee-treats.

Rhubarb Tartlets

Sweet loves sour! Crunchy puff pastry provides the bed on which the exciting taste of Rharbarber and the subtle sweetness of fruity raspberry jelly unite. The result is an Easter dessert that's easy to copy! Here you will find the right recipe >>

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