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Three Ingredient Vegan Chocolate! Perfect for Valentine's Day ❤ (May 2019).


For vegans it is often not easy to find the right food. Especially the small sins of everyday life are denied them, such as chocolate. But there is also a way to make chocolate without milk vegan. We tried it with the right ingredients.

For giving away, on special occasions or just like that: Homemade chocolate is always something special. If it is then vegan and made with no white sugar, we can declare their bad reputation as fattening. So off to work: make vegan chocolate yourself!

For our experiment we got the ingredients from Chocqlate. In our ingredients set, which is enough for about 600 grams of organic chocolate, are included:

  • 200 ml agave syrup
  • 200 g of cocoa butter
  • 100 g of cocoa powder
  • 90 g cocoa beans, ground
  • Bourbon vanilla powder

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As a first step, the cocoa butter is melted. This is best done by placing the cocoa butter in a metal bowl and placing the bowl in a water bath. Be careful not to heat the cocoa butter too much as it will not tolerate this. Normally, a maximum temperature of 35 degrees is sufficient to melt them slowly.

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Layer the cocoa powder and the ground cocoa beans on top of each other. Use a separate metal bowl for this.

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There is no granulated sugar in this chocolate! Instead, the agave syrup comes into play and you can vary. If you like tart chocolate, take a little less syrup - if you like sweeter chocolate, take more syrup.

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A pinch of fine salt serves as a flavor enhancer.

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Only when you add the cocoa butter to the remaining mixture, stir. Stir vigorously and persistently - for about a minute, so that the chocolate mass does not clump.

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The finished mixture should be viscous and smooth. You are now allowed to taste. Add agave syrup, vanilla or a little salt if you feel the taste is not quite to your satisfaction.

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Depending on whether your chocolate should come on the table in chalkboard or praline form, fill the couverture mass into appropriate shapes. Particularly suitable are silicone molds from which you can easily remove the chocolate later. If you do not want to decorate them with toppings, put the bottled chocolate in the fridge.

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If you want to decorate your chocolate with toppings, your creativity knows no bounds. There are countless vegan toppings. If you like the combination of chocolate and fruit, you can try dried cranberries.

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Even fruity liqueurs such as Cointrau go wonderfully with bitter chocolate.

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If you like it nutty, you can add almonds or unsalted peanuts to your chocolate. But now in the fridge with your chocolate! At least half an hour you have to rest there to get stuck.

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The finished chocolates, whether pure, with almonds, peanuts, liqueur or cranberries, taste delicious to melt away. Besides, they look sophisticated.

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Vegan chocolate, for yourself or your loved one, is definitely worth a try. Try the different preparation options and toppings. Further inspiration can be found at Chocqlate.

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