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8 Best Christmas Desserts - Recipes for Festive Holiday Desserts (May 2019).


They are the sweet highlight of any party: Christmas desserts. Typical of Christmas desserts are spices such as cinnamon or gingerbread flavors and of course a lot of chocolate. We have put together for you our most delicious Christmas desserts.

Reindeer Cake

This cake is not only super cute, but also juicy chocolaty. What ingredients you need for this cake and how it is prepared, read here >>

Baumkuchen Triangle

The "King of the Cake" is a true classic at Christmas time: A dream of chocolate and fluffy cake dough. But usually you know the tree cake, just like the tree, round and high. Surprise your guests with a not quite traditional, triangular shape.

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Here you will find the complete recipe for the Baumkuchen >>

apricot dumplings

If you have a heart for pastries, you will not be able to resist these fruity apricot dumplings. The popular dessert variant from Austria becomes a pleasure with apricot jam.

Here you will find the complete recipe for the dessert classic >>

Chocolate crêpes cannelloni with mango mousse

A crowning finale for a perfect dinner. The mixture of chocolate and fruit gives this dessert a special touch.

Here is the complete recipe for this delicious sin >>

Chocolate Zimtstern

What could be more tempting? This delicious chocolate cinnamon star with fruit sauce brings joy to the Christmas season.

Here you will find the complete recipe for the Zimtstern made of cream >>

Semolina dumplings with strawberry sauce

Semolina dumplings are very easy to prepare. The perfect recipe when Christmas Eve gets a bit hectic. The delicate vanilla flavor of the dumplings harmonizes wonderfully with the fruity strawberry sauce.

Here you will find the complete recipe for semolina dumplings with strawberry sauce >>

Grilled ice cream balls with creme au chocolat

Who says that you can grill only in summer? And who says you can only eat ice cream in the summer? Both nonsense - this recipe breaks both "rules" and also fits wonderfully at Christmas.

Here is the complete recipe for this refined dessert >>

Meringue Strip

The forest fruit jam is topped only by the delicious almond meringue layer. Maybe you take the trouble and take home-cooked forest fruit jam? A little tip: The almond meringue strips are also perfect as a Christmas present.

Here is the complete recipe for the almond meringue strips >>

Lukewarm spice cake

His gingerbread spice turns the lukewarm spice cake into a great Christmas dessert. The figs and the grape sauce provide the wonderfully fruity component.

Here you will find the complete recipe for the lukewarm spice cake >>

Mini quark stollen

At Christmas time, a gallery may not be missing. This mini quark stollen does not have as many calories as the big variety. He is just as delicious for that.

Here you will find the complete recipe for the Quark-Stollen >>

Cinnamon ice cream gugelhupf

The great thing about this ice bomb: It can be frozen a week before the festival. If you lightly warm the prepared sauce before serving it will give your guests a special wow effect.

Here you will find the complete recipe of celebrity chef Johann Lafer >>

Baked apple with white chocolate sauce

It is as much a part of Christmas time as home-baked cookies and duck: the baked apple. The highlight of this recipe is the white chocolate sauce. Try it, you will be amazed!

Here you will find the complete recipe for the baked apple >>

Chestnut Tiramisu

Just the right dessert for the Christmas season, while incredibly delicious: chestnut tiramisu. The Italian specialty, already a taste experience, is additionally enhanced by the pureed chestnuts.

Here is the complete recipe for chestnut tiramisu >>

White Chocolate Mocha Cream

The crunchy culmination of this recipe are the homemade croquet rings. White chocolate gives the whole thing an extra delicious touch.

Here you will find the complete recipe for the mocha cream >>

Chocolate Spice Muffins

When the breath of cloves, mace and cardamom blows through the bakery, everyone knows that it's Christmas soon. Chocolate and Christmas spices are the special combination that makes this recipe idea.

Here you will find the complete recipe for the spicy muffins >>

spice cake

Chopped almonds and gingerbread spice provide for little moments of happiness.

Here is the complete recipe for these spicy cuts >>

Caramel apple with apple sorbet

With this Italian dessert you score with your guests. Try the caramel apple with sorbet - you will melt away.

Here you will find the complete recipe for the caramel apple with apple sorbet >>

Cinnamon and vanilla ice cream

Ice cools heated minds during the stressful Christmas season. This cinnamon-vanilla ice cream is not just any ice cream, but a very tasty one that you will surely enjoy.

Here is the complete recipe for the ice cream on the cinnamon stick >>


Crunchy, crispy, creaks, all nibble on this little house. Even if it is sometimes difficult to touch the small Meiterwerk at all.

Here is the step by step guide >>

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