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Product Test Test, evaluate and disseminate products!

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You are always interested in innovations and like to test different products, from household appliances to the latest electronics to fitness and sports products? Then we have just what you are looking for.

Trendsetter is the new product testing platform with the well-known brands FOR YOU, petra and PRINZ. Here, new products and services are presented and tested by you as a registered trendsetter for free, rated and disseminated through modern word of mouth marketing.

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On free product tests and other great promotions await you.

How does it work?

1. Test extensively and for free:
By completing the application form, you will apply for the desired action and, if selected for the promotion, will receive the products directly to your home, where you can try them out in peace.

2. Spread what you like:
After the detailed testing, you will pass on feedback to the product manufacturer via an online questionnaire and recommend what you like in the form of reviews on our pages, on your own websites & blogs, in social networks, forums or rating platforms. This is how you make the results known to friends and acquaintances through word of mouth and quickly make a good product popular.

3. Take influence on products and brands:
As a trendsetter, your opinion as a consumer is at the center of attention. Here you decide what is hip! So you can influence brands and companies with your honest opinion and at the same time help to improve and develop products. In addition, you will be rewarded for your efforts with our Trend Points, which you can exchange for great items.

4. Exchange with others:
At Trendsetter you are part of the trendsetting community and can, as you wish, share and discuss with other trendsetters.

Curious? - Register now for free and become a trendsetter!

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