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Life hacks



There are many little tricks and tricks to make life easier. What so-called lifehacks make your summer even more beautiful and with which simple tricks and tips you can save yourself stress, you will find out here.

Life hacks for a relaxed summer

garden Party

This is how the perfect summer party succeeds

Plan an unforgettable party!


Which suitcase type are you?

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Find out how well organized you start on vacation.

Cool drinks

This will keep your drinks cool for a long time in the summer

The hotter the weather, the cooler the drink. With our tips we guarantee you the ice-cold refreshment.

Summer fun

Funny ideas with the watermelon

What great ideas can be conjured up with the watermelon, you can see here.

Sport despite heat

5 tips for safe running in summer

Circulatory collapse? You provide us with our tips.

The highlight at the garden party

Make soap bubbles yourself

Just be a kid again and enjoy beautiful bubbles.

Perfect summer dessert

Watermelon Cake

This cake is not at all …


Tips: Ventilate properly in the summer

Tips for optimal room ventilation in summer.



Tips against excessive sweating on the face

This helps prevent excessive facial sweating.

Make Sea Salt Spray yourself

Tips: Sleep well despite the heat

The right bedding in the summer

Recipes for cocktails with beer

10 tips for hot days in the office

Tips for the perfect garden party buffet

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