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Health yoga for the eyes

Yoga - 1 Minute Eye Strain Relief Exercise (June 2019).


Our eyes are stressed daily by working on the computer screen and dealing with smartphones and tablets - they never rest. Even during sleep, the eye muscles are active and in motion. Eye yoga can relieve the eyes - which exercises there are, read here.

Our eyes have to work hard every day and are heavily burdened, but only slightly relieved. Wrong or unilateral eye strain often affects the whole body. By working on the computer and staring at a screen for hours, the eye produces less tear fluid, which strains the muscles a lot. The result is dry eyes, but also shoulder and neck are strained and headaches can occur. But even small exercises can work against it. Try it out, put practical exercises into your daily routine and take a few minutes of relaxation during the day.

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What is Eye Yoga?

Special exercises for the eyes should help to relax the eye muscles and release tension. They strengthen and relieve the eyes at the same time and also promote mobility. With regular eye exercises we can control against a computer-related myopia and even improve the eyesight.

Eye exercises and vision training

starting position

Sit on a chair edge, a blanket or a pillow on the floor and find a relaxed posture with upright spine. Close your eyes. Rub your palms against each other and place your warm hands over your closed eyes. Breathe in and out. Imagine breathing straight into the eyes.


Let your eyes wander into space and relax your eyes. Now close your eyes for a few seconds. Pay attention to conscious breathing in the eyes.

Dynamic exercises

From the view into the void, the eyes wander up to the eyebrows, then down to the tip of the nose. Look four to five times in each direction, then look straight ahead for about a minute.

Now the eyes do not roll from top to bottom, but from left to right. Do four to five repetitions and look straight ahead for a minute.

Now look to the top right and then to the bottom left. Also repeat this exercise four to five times. Then close your eyes, breathe consciously and relax your eyes. Keep your eyes closed for at least a minute.

Imagine a clock. Trace the dial clockwise, then counterclockwise. Close your eyes and relax.


Now it's time to blink! Blink about 15 times in a row, close your eyes for ten seconds, open your eyes, and blink again 15 times. Repeat this process four times.

Relaxation for the neck

Remember the starting posture: relaxed sitting with upright spine. Get big and close your eyes. Using the tip of your nose, paint a lying eight in the air. Perform this exercise 15 times, then change direction and paint again 15 lying eights.

After this eye training we go again into the relaxation phase. Close your eyes, breathe in and out of the eyes, relax the eye muscles. Finally, rub your hands together again and place your warm palms gently on your eyes.

These simple exercises can be done quickly and without much effort during the lunch break. You will notice how your tired eyes are wide awake after the eye yoga and the vision seems to be significantly improved.

You wear glasses? No problem. Just put your glasses aside for these exercises and start working out!


Leona Malchow

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