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Dr. Martin Adler explains how herbs stop bacteria and calm the bladder.

Doctor, I think I caught something on vacation in the sauna ", a patient recently whispered and looked down shamefully. "Cystitis." The urine test showed that she was actually suffering from a urinary tract infection. He had certainly not been triggered by the supposedly unhygienic sauna. The cause of bladder infections are our own intestinal bacteria. These often reach the area of ​​the urethral exit. The body usually keeps them in check. For example, stress, hypothermia, hormonal imbalances, or a weakening immune system can spread, push the urethra up to the bladder - and cause inflammation there.

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Few people know that antibiotics are not needed at all for a variety of urinary tract infections, especially if you start taking a plant therapy at an early stage, the first time you burn. For example, goldenrod, Lovage root and Orthosiphon leaves are suitable for this. They help to flush out the bacteria and reduce the proliferation of germs. Even bigger masters in the field of bacterial destruction are nasturtium and horseradish root. All of these plant substances are available over the counter in the pharmacy, and you can use them as a mixture individually or in equal parts as a mixture.

Dr. Martin Adler Specialist for general medicine and naturopathic treatment in Siegen: "Nature is one of the best doctors"

For a cup, pour a tablespoon of herbs with 150 milliliters of hot water and let the tea steep for ten minutes. Drink about six cups a day, until your condition has improved. In addition, you should drink as much water (if you can, 2.5 liters), which is particularly important in bladder infections. If you have a fever or have blood in your urine, please go to the doctor immediately.

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