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Summer, sun, holidays

Summer. Sun. Holidays. (June 2019).


In summer, you need the right tips: We provide you with beauty tips, the right sunscreen and a comprehensive holiday guide. Visit our great summer special!

sun protection

Errors around the healthy tan

Enjoying the sun? Ten points reveal how we succeed in doing so carefree!

Sport despite heat

5 tips for safe running in summer

Circulatory collapse? You provide us with our tips.

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Rash in the summer

What to do with sun allergy?

Learn everything about sun allergy.

Supple lemon cream

lemon curd

Spread the English cream on bread or fill your pies with it.

Summery fresh

Waffle cake with fresh berries

Delicious cream, fruity berries and beloved waffles.

Sunscreen and healthy skin

Tips for healthy tan

Healthy tan, recharge your batteries, let the soul stroke.


Summer Guide

10 tips for hot days in the office

This makes summery temperatures in the office more bearable.

care Tips

Sunscreen for the face: How to protect yourself properly

Our facial skin is particularly sensitive and often the sun most of the time


Summery recipes

Light salads for hot days

Click through our gallery.

This helps with summer acne

Make Sea Salt Spray yourself

Funny ideas with the watermelon

Self-tanner: Tips for use

To-do list for the camping holiday

Swedish blueberry soup


Recipes for cocktails with beer

Tips and Tricks

Sunscreen for the hair

With and without alcohol

Summer punch: The most fruity kind of cooling

Bake pies

Sour cream cake with redcurrants

Ice variations

Ice Recipes

The right amount to find when sunbathing

The healing power of the sun

Ill on vacation? No thanks!

These things are essential in the first aid kit

Spread of the extra class

Recipe for rose jelly

Refreshingly delicious

Summer drinks with fresh strawberries


Tips: Ventilate properly in the summer

Quark, salt and Co. help

SOS tricks against sunburn

Perfect summer dessert

Watermelon Cake

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