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Finally, annoying sweat stains and wetness in clothing come to an end. Laser energy is the new cure for heavy sweating. Dermatologist dr. Welf Prague explains how.

Never sweat thanks to laser energy

Some are annoyed that even the best deodorant can not prevent the sweat stains on the T-shirt. Others do not like to go to the sport, because their feet in sneakers spoil after a short time. Where and how much we sweat, unfortunately, we can hardly influence. The activity of the sweat glands is in fact conditioned.

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Botox? Alternative: Slim Lipo

However, people like the patient, who had been sent to me a few weeks ago by her family doctor, are particularly suffering. She suffered from extreme sweating. It did not matter if it was warm or cold - her body's air conditioning was always running at full speed and she was always over-sweaty. She asked me about Botox - actually a proven treatment for "hyperhidrosis". Injections with Botox inhibit perspiration effectively and safely. The substance is, however, degraded by the body after a few months. After six to twelve months at the latest, you have to repeat the therapy. I therefore recommended to her a whole new technique for permanently curing hyperhidrosis - by gently removing the sweat glands. This so-called curetage was previously possible, but very complex and often painful.
Now we use a state-of-the-art laser device that works like the underarms, like liposuction: the heat of a special laser beam destroys the sweat glands just below the skin. Then they can be sucked off. The advantage over other, similar devices: "SlimLipo" works with a wavelength that does not damage the surrounding skin tissue. It does not even get warmer in the neighboring regions. The procedure on both armpits takes hardly more than 30 minutes. More than 90 percent of patients are rid of their problem with a therapy session. My patient was able to go back to work shortly after treatment - and has been wearing silk blouses ever since.

Dr. Welf Prague
Partner of the Hamburg Dermato- logy (, dermatologist and allergist. His specialties include operative dermatology, aesthetic surgery and laser medicine.
His wish: "I want you to feel good in your skin".

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