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In pregnancy, against stress, in childhood diseases - eight women talk about their experiences with the healing method.

Elisabeth Mack often silently smiled at her daughters when they "handled" their globules again. Until the 65-year-old Osnabrücker herself has felt how well the homeopathic remedies work. In October 2008, for the first time in a lumbago, she did not use a cortisone injection, but Rhus toxicodendron. The business economist Bärbel Michels was prescribed antibiotics every few weeks for chronic infections. "I did not feel well in my skin at all, " recalls the 37-year-old. She then went to a homeopathic therapist to find an alternative to the "chemical club". With success.

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The expert: Mirko Berger

Doctor and homeopath from Hamburg, initiator of www.homö

From such experiences, the general practitioner and homeopathic doctor Dr. Mirko Berger almost daily in his practice. "The interest in homeopathy is growing steadily, " says the Hamburg expert. "Many patients want to treat minor ailments themselves and wish for chronic diseases also an effective and at the same time low-side-effects medicine." Here, eight women talk about how they came to homeopathy and in which complaints they have had good experiences. From headaches and teething troubles to stress management. Additionally, Dr. Mirko Berger, what matters in the treatment and which homeopathic remedies come into question.

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