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Workout yoga pilates for a flat stomach

AK88 FLAT BELLY WORKOUT Abs Stomach Routine Core Strength Yoga Pilates (June 2019).


At the same time, those who train their abdominal muscles strengthen their backs, stabilize the pelvis, keep the thoracic spine flexible - and the abdomen becomes even flatter. We'll show you five simple exercises that you can easily imitate at home. All you need is a yoga mat.

Yoga and Pilates - both training methods are absolutely trendy. As you try to balance body, mind and spirit during yoga training, Pilates is about strengthening your muscles and improving your posture. Why not combine the Pilates workout with gentle yoga exercises? Both forms of training are a perfect match. Which exercises fit together well and are effective and also promise a firm body and a flat stomach, read here. Regular workouts promise speedy success.

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These yoga exercises strengthen and relax your back alike. Try it!

Focus on the middle

Yoga and Pilates are more than just fitness exercises. In addition to the controlled physical execution, the focus is primarily on the own center. In yoga, the focus is on the inside, on the mental center. Through targeted exercises, the abdominal muscles are strengthened, but at the same time the inner posture. In Pilates exercises, almost all movements revolve around the middle of the body. They concentrate the concentration in the body center ("Powerhouse"). This improves the interaction of all muscles and releases unpleasant tensions.

Pilates for pelvic balance

Lie on your back and put your legs up. The pelvis should be straight (see picture). While breathing out, lift your right bent knee outwards. Make sure that the left side of the pelvis maintains its position. When inhaling, put your foot back on the ground. Repeat the exercise 4 times on each side in sync with the breathing.

Variant: raise both legs at an angle. Alternately lower the left and right legs. The pelvis remains stable.

Pilates Criss Cross

Stay on your back, legs bent, hands behind your head. Inhaling stretch the spine. Lower your sternum as you exhale, pull in your abdomen and lift your head and upper body in a large curve. Inhale in this position. When exhaling again, turn the sternum to the right and extend the left leg forward. The elbows remain wide (see picture). Then turn back, bend your leg back and inhale. Repeat this exercise 6 times in each direction. The strengthened lateral abdominal muscles also help the back to greater stability.

Pilates Roll Up

Lie flat on the floor, stretch out and stretch your legs down and arms over your head back. Now raise your arms vertically, inhale and, as you exhale, roll up vortex by vortex. Leave both legs on the ground (see picture). Then stretch with your arms straight forward while sitting up. Breathe in. When breathing out, slowly return to the floor. This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles and should be repeated 6 times.

Pilates Cancan

Sit up and put your legs on. Put the hands behind the body, the fingertips point to the back. Now lift your heels so that only the tips of your toes touch the ground, stretch your spine upwards. Breathe in while breathing out, shoulders wide, chest out. Inhale and pull the knees to the left side, exhale and pull the knees in front of the body again. The same to the right - as at Cancan (see picture). Repeat 6 times in total. This improves your balance and promotes upright posture.

Yoga Nada Pasyanti

Sit in the meditation seat. Put down a pillow, a good sitting position is important for the meditation experience. Close your eyes and imagine a light at the base of the spine. Inhale with a silent "Om" and direct the light along the spine to the highest point in the head. Exhale with an "Ah". Feel how the light expands in you. Follow the light for five breaths.

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