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Alternative Healing Homeopathy: That's how I help myself

Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud? (May 2019).


The alternative healing method has been popular for over 200 years. The reason? It works and is easy to apply by yourself. Here is a guide

Almost everyone has already heard of the small scattered globules with the Latin names. Likewise, from the scientifically still difficult to explain healing effects and the holistic working principle. Even after more than 200 years, homeopathy has lost nothing of its fascination. On the contrary, people increasingly use the healing power that the Meissen doctor Samuel Hahnemann 1790 presented to the public. Today, every fifth woman and every tenth man in Germany have experience with homeopathic remedies. More than 6, 000 physicians and around 25, 000 alternative practitioners are now using Hahnemann's principles - and self-treatment is also increasing. Read what it's all about.

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