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Homeopathy methods of alternative medicine

Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud? (May 2019).


What are medicinal mushrooms used for and what exactly is Feldenkrais? We introduce you to nine completely different methods of alternative medicine. And say when they can help.

Two-thirds of all Germans now rely on naturopathic medicine. You go to the naturopath and try homeopathic remedies or acupuncture. More and more doctors have additional training for alternative healing methods. Even statutory health insurance companies offer additional optional tariffs for complementary procedures. Especially in chronic conditions such as rheumatism, high blood pressure, heart problems, lung disease, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease and all chronic pain disorders, many complementary physicians can show success. For example, it is often possible to drastically reduce the intake of strong painkillers such as morphine and thus also the side effects.

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"In principle, naturopathic treatment is characterized by the fact that the self-healing powers are activated", says Professor Dr. med. Gustav Dobos, President of the German Society for Natural Medicine and Director of the Natural Healing Clinic in Essen-Mitte. Especially for lighter complaints, it is worthwhile to try out what has been proven for hundreds of years, whether home remedies or healing methods from other cultures. As a small guide, we introduce you to more unknown approaches such as Native American medicine or the traditional Japanese Kampo as well as widespread methods such as Feldenkrais and phytotherapy.

1. medicinal mushrooms

General: Mushrooms have health-promoting powers that are used in so-called mycotherapy. Today, we mainly use the findings of Chinese healing art, where edible mushrooms and their health effects are scientifically well-researched. For in the West, the millennia-old knowledge about the dosed administration of mushrooms or mushroom extracts has been largely lost except for a few traditions, including those of Hildegard von Bingen. Only since the 1970s is research in Germany again about mushrooms.

Indications: For the development of a stable immune defense, but also for menopausal symptoms, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and inflammatory processes.

Treatment: In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and naturopathy doctors and naturopaths prescribe powdered dried mushrooms - mostly for a holistic preventive therapy. But also mushroom extracts can be used.

Indian healing art

2. Indian healing art

General: The natural medicine of the Native Americans helps us with many complaints - without us knowing. Because many herbal medicines that we buy in pharmacies are based on the knowledge of the Indians. Their basic idea: every living being is a unity of body, mind and soul. Medicine men make contact with the demons of a disease. With the help of ecstasy or meditation, they penetrate into metaphysical regions, mediate between this world and the afterlife and ask the gods for help.

Application: Medicine men know a recipe for all ailments. Here, her herbal formulas for everyday problems such as runny nose, headache, digestive problems and muscular disorders have proven.

Treatment: In Europe, the herbal medicine of Indian medicine is in the foreground. For example, the plants are well-known for treating influenza infections and echinacea for strengthening the immune system. Or the bark of the cinchona tree for pain and fever.

field circuit

3. Feldenkrais

General: Self-perception is the focus of movement therapy by the Israeli physicist Moshé Feldenkrais (1904-1984). "If I know what I do, I can do what I want, " is his philosophy. Learned movement patterns are stored in the brain and can be called up at any time. But some of them harm body and soul. Then new impulses are needed that expand our mobility and our mind. New scientific evidence supports the idea that a variety of movements leads to complex connections in the nervous system.

Application: Back pain, joint pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and headache. Also in the rehab after strokes or to reduce stress.

Treatment: In individual sessions and courses, processes are taught that aim for a new mobility. The therapist teaches light and gentle movements by performing them on the passive patient who is usually lying. The conscious perception of the movement is the goal, so that the patient can remember and practice it better.

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