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Naturopathy medicinal plants for women

6 Plants Native Americans Use To Cure Everything (April 2019).


Nature offers everything needed to alleviate minor ailments. Dried herbs help as tea, envelope or bath additive.

If you want to do something good, then lie down on a blooming meadow, surrounded by fresh air and the rays of the sun. This is not only relaxing, it also has a positive effect on your health. Just five minutes in the green suffice to make our soul happy. This was the result of a British study. Even greater is the healing effect of the ingredients of flowers and herbs: For flower meadows offer a wealth of different plants that have been proven to have a health-promoting effect. Especially women can benefit from this.

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And it is above all women who have known for centuries about the healing powers of herbs and flowers and who pass on their knowledge. Today, 79 percent of German women rely on phytopharmaceuticals, ie on drugs of plant origin. And rightly so, because they have proven their worth, especially with women's illnesses. Many mild complaints can be treated well with it. If you like, you can collect, dry and prepare many medicinal plants yourself. Herbalist Christel Berweiler gives tips on how to do this. Alternatively: dried herbs from the pharmacy.

You can find the FOR YOU overview of the twelve most important medicinal plants for women at the end of the article as a download

"Rediscovering the treasures of our earth"

We are currently harvesting yarrow, which is considered a weed. It has an anticonvulsant and detoxifying effect, "explains Christel Berweiler. The 51-year-old trained druggist knows the green stuff right on our doorstep. In Stuttgart-M├╝hlhausen, on six hectares, what she likes to grow out of stumps and stalks, such as greed, stinging nettles, dandelions, grows in her. Since 2002, she and her husband Dieter, naturopath and horticultural engineer, grow herbs in his former vegetable greenhouse. Around 600 species thrive here, each with a very specific healing power. Christel Berweiler sees herself as a development aid worker: "We have to rediscover the treasures of our earth and use them for our health!" Further information at

The advises the herb expert:

  1. Cut off the herb with scissors or knife. Leave a shoot, so the plant can drive out again.
  2. Do not harvest at the roadside or near cultivated fields due to pollution.
  3. Harvest culinary herbs before flowering - they often change their taste afterwards and can become bitter or woody.
  4. Cutting fresh herbs just before consumption - they quickly wither and lose their aroma. Important: Only use healthy, flawless plant parts!
  5. Only collect what you know. If in doubt, prefer to stand, because herbs can be poisonous!

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