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From allergies to toothache - these are the main remedies for all mild ailments. They should belong in every medicine chest

ARNICA (mountain charter)

Against injuries

Studies show that wounds can heal up to 80 percent faster by immediately taking 5 globules of Arnica D12 .

FACILITIES The plant can be found where hikers often stumble or fold over: in mountains. Its root is considered one of the most important homeopathic remedies because it can be used against all types of injuries. It accelerates wound healing and helps the metabolism to carry away tissue fluid.

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Proven in: bruises, bruises, bruises, abrasions, soreness, sports injuries, toothache, inflammation. Possible causes: falls or dull bumps, surgery, overexertion, infections. Typical Symptoms: A feeling of bruisedness throughout the body and fatigue.

Modalities: lying and rest are good. By contrast, too much exercise, shock, or touch only worsens the symptoms.

Also suitable for: children.

Dosage: Arnica D6, in acute cases, 5 globules at intervals of 10 to 30 minutes (at most six times a day, children 3 beads), then three globules 5 globules.

When to the doctor: In case of wounds that bleed heavily or become inflamed, in severe pain

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