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Nice gift ideas for the grandma

What Are the Best Gifts for Women Over 60? Let's Vote! (March 2019).


For the dear grandma warm and special - whether you are looking for Christmas gifts or a gift idea for the birthday - here you will find great gifts for the grandma.

Gift ideas for the grandmother: elegant earrings

Earrings stainless steel

This sparkling earrings is a real eye-catcher! Whether casual everyday outfit or elegant evening dress - the yellow-gold earrings made of stainless steel with white zirconia in brilliant cut give the outfit the finishing touch.

For example, the yellow-gold earrings are here >>

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Gift ideas for the grandma: refined drip tray

Refined drip tray

Anyone who likes to cook often knows the problem: annoying onion and potato peels, pepper seeds and other waste. Thanks to the sophisticated drip tray, the worktop is lightning fast and it can be further snipped. Cooking is fun!

For example, you can find the drip tray here >>

Gift ideas for the grandma: flower magic


Flowers and chocolate - the classics. How about a very unusual idea, maybe a combination of flowers and chocolate? With "Flower Magic" you give away a set, from which a bouquet with heavenly chocolate fragrance can grow. Perfect for all hobby gardeners!

Here you can for example order "flower magic" >>

Gift ideas for the grandma: practical bread box

High quality bread box with cutting board and engraving

Tasty and crispy as on the first day - in this bread box, the bread stays fresh longer. The lid of the bread box is a bamboo cutting board. A personal engraving makes the bread box a special gift.

The high-quality bread box with cutting board and engraving can be found here >>

Gift Ideas for Grandma: Reminder Album

Grandma, tell me: The memory album of your life

The grandparents are true history books. Long-forgotten experiences and exciting stories can be captured in this album. There are also questions that we always wanted to ask Grandma and Grandpa! Once the book is filled out, it becomes a very personal souvenir album for the whole family.

The reminder album you get for example here >>

Gift ideas for the grandmother: Make your own photo mug

Make your own photo mug

A special and very original gift idea is this photo mug to design yourself. Grandma is looking forward to a new mug with a photo of the family or the cute grandchildren!

Order here, create your own and give pleasure to your grandmother >>

Gift ideas for the grandmother: Gift set "Wellness Arezzo"

Gift set "Wellness Arezzo"

With the gift set "Wellness Arezzo" you are guaranteed to give your grandma a treat. Pure relaxation with nourishing products and a scented candle, doing good things for the body and enjoying them - this is what a perfect spa day looks like.

The gift set "Wellness Arezzo" can be found here >>

3-course cooking course of your choice

At this 3-course cooking class, the recipient himself decides what to cook. Great for all home cooks and culinary gourmets. A cozy atmosphere, a great kitchen with the best kitchen utensils, shared get-togethers and advice on kitchen techniques and food from professionals make this cooking class an unforgettable experience!

Culinary experiences as a gift can be found here >>

Gift ideas for the grandma: kitchen scales

Kitchen scale with points in the 50s style

With the digital kitchen scale in the 50s look, fine ingredients can be measured to the nearest gram. The dotted kitchen scale is a great kitchen helper, the simple operation makes cooking and baking even more fun! The scales also scores with automatic switch-off, convenient operation via the sensor touch buttons and a 3-year guarantee.

The kitchen scale with points in the 50s style, for example, here >>

Gift ideas for the grandma: The big Lafer

The big Lafer

Star chef Johann Lafer is known for his traditional, hearty cuisine. In his cookbook "The big Lafer - The art of simple cooking" he presents his favorite recipes, the classics are presented step by step in image and text. A book for amateur cooks, connoisseurs, beginners and advanced.

Cooking like Johann Lafer - here you can order the cookbook, for example >>

Gift ideas for the grandma: massage package

Royal massage package

Give a royal massage package with an aromatic oil or well-being massage with warm stones and an aloe vera face massage with a gentle facial peel. A day to relax, enjoy and feel good. Body and soul come to rest and find harmony. A great gift idea that just does you good.

Great pampering gifts can be found here >>

Gift ideas for grandma: the ultimate passport

The ultimate grandma pass

A small but fine gift idea is this "grandma pass". A humorous fun book with funny sayings and wisdom makes grandma laugh! A dedication on the free entry page gives the passport a personal touch.

For example, get the ultimate grandma pass here >>

Gift ideas for the grandma: Embroidered apron

Embroidered apron

Real hobby cooks are guaranteed to enjoy a personal apron! Embroider the apron with the name of the chef and you have a very individual gift.

You can find embroidered aprons here >>

Gift Ideas for Grandma: Sofa Butler

Practical sofa butler

The sofa butler must not be missing in any living room! Newspapers, remote control, snacks, drinks, reading glasses - everything important for a cozy evening on the TV comes here. The sofa-butler has 4 pockets optimal storage space, it is suitable for both round and square sofa loungers.

For example, order a practical sofa-butler here >>

Gift ideas for the grandma: meat thermometer

SteakChamp meat thermometer

For the perfect steak: the SteakChamp - the high-precision meat thermometer accurately measures the optimal cooking temperature and lights up red when the desired state of cooking is reached. Delight your guests with the perfect steak!

Order and invite the guests >>

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