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Mother's Day gifts for Mother's Day

Doing something special for mom on Mothers Day (April 2019).


A day to say thank you to the best mom in the world: May 13, 2018 is Mother's Day! Let yourself be inspired by our gallery, because these gifts come from the heart and make joy in giving.

Gift ideas for mom

Another year is over and Mother's Day is just around the corner. Sure, flowers and chocolate are always well received as a Mother's Day gift, but how about jewelry or a watch? Even a personal gift for the woman of our heart will certainly be a great pleasure. An exceptional heart-shaped picture frame with room for family photos is a great gesture that comes from the heart. You will find many more great ideas for small and large Mother's Day gifts in our gallery.

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A bouquet of flowers directly home to mom

Most mums are happy about flowers. Convenient when the dream bouquet is easy to order online and is sent free of charge directly to the door of Mama. About BLOOMY DAYS you can choose from a huge selection just the right bouquet. On the occasion of Mother's Day, there are very beautiful bouquets - just the best for the mom!

Order a great bouquet via BLOOMY DAYS >>

Great feel-good package

Thank you and spoil the dear mom really? This is the lovlee "Spa Treatment" Gift Set, featuring a lovely Bloomingville tealight and a snug, hammam towel perfect for taking time out after a stressful day!

Wellness for body and soul

This colorful spa set from Bomb Cosmetics not only pampers the skin, but also provides a cheerful mind with the great scents and the colorful look. Available through, in different versions.

Noble wallet

No, this is not real leather, but it looks deceptively real. The imitation leather wallet in reptile look is small, compact and an eye-catcher. Red wallet by Fritzi from Prussia, about 25, 90 Euro.

Gentle care

Give your mom beauty for the nails: organic pomegranate camomile oil, coconut oil, almond oil and shea butter are just a few of the natural ingredients of the nail care series. Pomegranate air shapes the entire palette, which consists of a cuticle remover pen, a nail care pen and a nail oil pen. Weleda brand, about 27.85 euros for all three products.

Weleda cuticle remover pen, about 9 €

Weleda nail care pen, about 8 €

Weleda nail oil pen, about 10 €

mum is the best

This slate heart with real Swarovski crystals says exactly what everyone else thinks of their mother: "My mom is the best". This heart is a beautiful and decorative idea to express your appreciation to your mother. You can also engrave the heart with your very own text. This is how the slate heart becomes a unique piece.

Order slate heart here and have it engraved with your own text >>

Mummy tastes best

Almost everyone will agree with these Aussgae. Does her mother like to bake and try new cake and dessert creations? Then these funny dough scrapers with individual name engraving are the perfect gift idea for Mother's Day. This makes baking twice as much fun!

Personal wine glass

With this noble wine glass you are guaranteed to give your mother a pleasure. The chic rose motif and a personal name engraving make the glass a real one-off.

Here you can order the personalized wine glass >>

You can also order an engraved wine decanter and enjoy a good glass of red wine together on Mother's Day.

Dinner date

For the mother-daughter trip: How about a picnic voucher including this great lunch and cooler bag? At the same time, the basket is also ideal as a shopping basket in which sausage, meat and yoghurt remain pleasantly cool even in summer. Since the picnic season can come yes.

Tuscany picnic basket with cooling function by Lakeland >>

Memories in beautiful writing

The gift set is complete with this chic wooden pen with name engraving.

As a mother you always have a lot around the ears. With this beautiful notebook, your mother always has her appointments and notes with her. The beautiful book in oriental design and antique buckle can also be used well as a diary for very personal memories. Noble Paperblanks notebook from Amazon, about 35 euros


Quality cloth

Swinging casually around the neck, the graphic scarf spice up any outfit and the blue tone makes it easy to combine. Made of 100% silk satin, the scarf is a special wearing comfort. Silk scarf by Blasy, about 195 Euro.

Make a fitting gift for this book with many instructions and ideas on how to tie cloths, scarves and pareos: Knigge - to tie cloths, scarves and pareos perfectly

Blanket with embroidery

An ideal gift for cold days that everyone loves to spend on the sofa. No one will freeze under the cuddly blanket. The blanket is 1, 80m x 2, 20m tall and available in 10 different colors. You can also have the blanket embroidered with your mother's name. In addition, a small heat-stuffed toy can be ordered as an option on request.

Here you can order the embroidered cuddly blanket >>

Wrapped in gold

Here is actually all that glitters gold. With this gold massage you can gild your personal treasure. Gold massage from MyDays, from 69 euros.

fragrance portfolio

Pinky Pepper & Grapefruit, Lemon & Ginger, Blood Orange & Basil, Melissa & Verbena and Tangerine & Cardamom are the fruity-fresh scented bottles from the Acqua Colonia collection. Mom can always put on another scent five days a week.

Fragrance portfolio of Acqua Colonia, 5 vials à 8 ml, 17, 50 Euro


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