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Hydrafacial detox instead of Botox

Hydrafacial extractions (May 2019).


Hydrafacial is a new method for radiant, firm skin - for YOU author Nicole Kleinfeld has tested the acclaimed beauty treatment from the United States.

My complexion is pale and dry. And in the middle of spring. I have no idea if this is the after-effects of the long winter, in any case, my face skin craves refreshment. In search of a "Refreshment Treatment", the specialists in the editorial department of "Hydrafacial", a revolutionary treatment method in the field of skin rejuvenation, tell me. It is promised "smooth, clear skin without Botox or scalpel". The most modern and innovative detox treatment currently takes 45 minutes to alleviate wrinkles and have a firming, smoothing immediate effect. I read that celebrities like Eva Mendes or George Clooney are so excited that they have already bought their own devices. And: The treatment leaves no traces, does not have the slightest side effects and is also easily applicable to sensitive skin.

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Treatment during the lunch break

If you place the treatment in the lunch break, you can immediately go back to work, clearly refreshed. Sounds tempting. I make an appointment in a Hamburg doctor's office, which offers the treatment as one of the few in Germany. The elegant, painted in feel-gray rooms exude pleasant beauty atmosphere. I take a seat on the white leather lounger, whirr softly to the horizontal - and let's go: First, the skin is intensively cleaned and "sanded down". The so-called microdermabrasion treatment tips remove dead cells, exfoliate and prepare the skin for the next step. It feels as if a small micro-vacuum cleaner is rubbing my face in strips, rigorously ridding it of dirt and impurities. Gorgeous!

This is followed by the application of a light fruit acid serum, which softens the sebum, eliminates bacteria and smoothes wrinkles - a kind of facial detox. After a short time, blackheads and pimples are sucked off painlessly and superficially. A wonderful feeling of cleanness flows through me, the skin tingles pleasantly fresh. In the third step, the caregivers are finally slipped into my pore-cleansed skin: hyaluron, vitamins, antioxidants. For an additional charge, there is a wrinkle-smoothing peptide - "Lifting light". A short unit of red light and a gentle massage with fragrant day care complete the treatment. The effect impresses: I look fresh and relaxed, as if I came straight from vacation! The vacuum cleaner rides on my cheeks have actually made something - skin rejuvenation "to go"! My next appointment is certain, because with Hydrafacial: the more often, the smoother. The permanent massage and suction stimulate the collagen synthesis, which has a kind of fitness effect for the skin: it becomes stronger, firmer and firmer!

Hydrafacial : detoxification for the skin

The Detox Evolution from the USA is suitable for all skin types, due to their intensive cleaning especially for problem skin, such as acne and other impurities. Dr. For example, Susanna Meier specializes in anti-aging therapies. PRICES: from about 140 euros per treatment, a good alternative to conventional Facial. If the skin is affected, an intensive treatment is recommended (eg six treatments at 14-day intervals). Thereafter, the freshness effect can be optimally maintained by four-week appointments.

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