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Hollywood stars swear by the treatment of "Biologique Recherche", which is now also available here. Hype or real help? For YOU author Caroline Lockstein has tried it.

There are supposed to be places where small miracles happen. Such addresses are then traded as insider tips. This is also the case with the new method of "Biologique Recherche", which allegedly makes a face years younger - jerk, twitchy and super soft. Even Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Salma Hayek are said to be thrilled with this bio-lifting. The price: 150 euros for 90 minutes. Not a bargain. But I'm curious - and make an appointment in Hamburg, where the beautician Eva Häfner ("Eva's concept") offers the treatment exclusively.

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Skin care with 50 ingredients in one product

The small beauty salon in the Rotherbaum district is located in the basement of a turn of the century villa. Inside: a lot of white, simple shelves, little decoration, vanilla aroma from the scented candle. Eva Häfner adjusts the treatment couch, bends over the magnifying mirror. "Slightly stressed skin, fine dryness wrinkles, beginning loss of elasticity, " she murmurs. Does not sound good - but that's why I'm here. Let's go with the bio-lifting! "P50 is our miracle cure, " enthuses Eva Häfner. It seems to be the toner that she masses me millimeter by millimeter into the facial skin. Ah, that relaxes! I close my eyes and dawn into the realm of dreams. Half asleep, I hear something of "50 vegetable bio-ingredients". Well, then I'm looking forward to the effect.

Can electricity really get rid of wrinkles?

After 40 minutes the massage is over. Eva Häfner starts with the second part of the treatment, the "Remodeling Face Treatment". This seems to be more than just another cocktail of active ingredients. Because now Eva is driving over my face with a cool metal pencil. It tingles a bit. "The pen conducts a light current through the skin, " explains Eva Häfner. "This allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin." Aha. When I get up after a total of 90 minutes, comes the big moment: the look in the mirror. And what I see is really a surprise. My skin looks pink, the facial wrinkles around my eyes are gone. The effect lasts about five days, after which it visibly decreases. Too bad. Still, it feels great to look younger again. And before the next big party, I'll probably treat myself to just that good feeling again.

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