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How to Lighten Your Entire Body's Skin Complexion (May 2019).


Finish with pale, sensitive, tired! With our individually tailored care tips your complexion can look forward to rosy times.

Products for a rosy complexion

The best products for a younger look

1 "Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Cream" activates cell functions with black bamboo extract. From Estée Lauder, 30 ml about 55 euros.


Less is more? Not for mature skin: It needs rich, high quality and after the winter an extra dose of anti-aging substances. Creams and serums that push cell metabolism and stimulate collagen formation are ideal. And a peeling, once a week, free from loose skin cells and allows active ingredients to move in more intensively. Dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles reduce a drainage massage during creaming: place the fingertips below the eyes and gently stroke the area towards the temples. The beauty kick from the inside is provided by fish. Eat as often as possible, preferably herring, mackerel and salmon, which contain a lot of vitamin A for fresh, smooth skin.

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Even a mild spring breeze can irritate sensitive skin. It needs a lot of protection and care, but with as few ingredients as possible: they can additionally irritate you. For fresh radiance, enzyme peels are the gentle alternative to scratching granules. Soothing creams and anabolic serums with thermal water. A mask, two to three times a week, keeps the complexion moist and supple. Refatting shower creams and rich body care make delicate toe-toe tips. As an extra: Nibble nuts. Its vitamin E strengthens the tissue and prevents dryness.


Happy, who has uncomplicated skin, which tolerates everything from heating air to frost and reacts calmly! If the complexion still looks a little pale and winter-tired, there is a quick solution: a wash gel with integrated exfoliation. It makes him jerk, twinkle rosier and look even. Care is now less fat, but more moisture announced. Boosters such as hyaluronic acid cushion the skin, give it freshness and smooth wrinkles. And an active substance cocktail made of herbal substances helps to increase the luminosity.

The best products for a younger look

2 "Time To Revitalize Extreme Firming Eye Cream" tightens the eye area with Dead Sea and Himalayan ingredients. From Ahava, 15 ml about 40 euros.

The best products for a younger look

3 "Suractif Volume Contour Firming Day Cream" makes elastic and firmens the contour. From Lancaster, 50 ml about 75 euros.

The best products for a younger look

4 "AGE Interrupter" rejuvenated with Blueberry Extract and Anabolic Pro-Xylane. From SkinCeuticals, 50 ml about 145 euros.

The best products for a younger look

5 "Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum" instantly conceals wrinkles and protects against more. From Max Factor, 50 ml about 15 euros

The best products for regeneration

1 "Ideal Resource Crème lumière lissante retexturisante" provides plant extracts for a radiant complexion. From Darphin, 50 ml about 56 euros.

The best products for regeneration

2 "Skin Yoga bioLab Intensive Moisturizing Balm" cushions normal and combination skin with hyaluronic acid and leaves it looking fresh. From Artdeco, 50 ml about 19 euros.

The best products for regeneration

3 "Moisture Aqua Benefits Eye Care" contains a sesame protein that visibly smoothes wrinkles. From Sans Soucis, 15 ml about 26 euros.

The best products for regeneration

4 "Crème Vitalisante" regenerates dry to very dry skin overnight. By Louis Widmer, 50 ml about 23 euros.

The best products for regeneration

5 "2in1 Washgel & Peeling with Organic Green Tea & Rice" harmonizes combination skin and balances it. From Florena, 150 ml about 4 euros

The best products for calming

1 "24h Anti-Dehydration Body Milk" treats all over the body with macadamia oil and mango butter. From Dr. Scheller, 200 ml about 9 euros.

The best products for calming

2 "Sérénage Vitalising Builder Serum" soothes, strengthens and strengthens the tissue. From Eau Thermale Avène, 30 ml about 36 euros.

The best products for calming

3 "Toleriane Ultra" facial care reduces redness, burning and itching. From La Roche-Posay, 40 ml about 20 euros.

The best products for calming

4 "Sensitive Shower & Cream" protects against dehydration with panthenol and lipids. From Eubos, 200 ml about 7 euros.

The best products for calming

5 "Almond Soothing Nourishing Mask" with carrot, birch, cucumber extract intensively binds moisture. From Weleda, 30 ml about 15 euros

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