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Beautiful and strong Four elements for the immune system

Immune System, part 1: Crash Course A&P #45 (May 2019).


The new immune wellness uses the energy of fire, water, air and light - a wellbeing cure for body & soul.

Four elements for the immune system


A walk by the sea can be wonderful. The salty air cleanses the respiratory tract, pumps oxygen into every body cell, strengthens the immune system. However, to achieve exactly this effect, you do not have to go to the North Sea - the right breathing technique is sufficient. "Our breath reduces stress and ensures a fresh complexion, " explains Susanne Preiss, stress management expert. And this is how it works: You clasp your navel with your hands and breathe through your nose for five minutes. The technique is correct when the hands raise and lower with each breath. And how do you give your skin a walk on the beach in between? There are a number of new care products

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Respiratory aid for the skin donate a thorough cleansing and airy O2 creams. Clear thing: "Dermatoclean Reinigungsgel" (from Eucerin, about 12 euros). Energy for the cells: "Oxygen Moisturizing Rich Cream" (from Lancaster, about 53 euros) and "oxygen cream" (from Thalgo, about 60 euros).


"The best place in the world is the sauna, " say the Finns. Because in the heat of the body heats up as a mild fever and forms additional antibodies. No wonder that regular sauna goers, according to studies are less likely to catch cold - and have a nicer skin. Finally, the hot-cold change stimulates the cell metabolism and promotes the natural regenerative power of the skin. By the way, six to eight minutes per course are ideal for the inner cleaning process. Before the chill, you go to the fresh air for a short time, then rest for 15 minutes - and drink only after the last cooldown.

After the sauna: The pores of the skin are now wide open and take masks and serums particularly well. Cleans intensively: "Clear improvement" (from Origins, approx. 25 Euro), "Masque Sauna" (from Cosmence, approx. 15 Euro). Moisture with feel-good effect: "Hydrating Serum" (from Avène, approx. 20 Euro).


The sun makes you happy and active. Their radiations help the body make Vitamin D. The vital substance activates the immune defense and lacks most, when Lady Sunshine of the northern hemisphere shows the cold shoulder. Special lamps give the body a sunny day (eg from Solvital). But even the thickest autumn clouds penetrate at least noon enough light. The Munich UV expert Dr. Peter Köpke: "Just a short walk activates vitamin D." Good to know: sun protection factors block the body's own production. That is why experts advise to abstain from creams and make-ups with LSF from November to March.

Like a light intensifier for the skin are products that contain traces of certain crystals or metals: "Diamant de Beauté Concentré" (by Carita, about 320 euros), "Sérénissima Concentrate" (by Guerlain, about 170 euros), "Golden Balm "(By Phyris, about 28 euros).


"Kneipp castings activate the self-healing powers, make body and soul winter-proof", says Dr. med. Martin Schencking, Chief Physician of the Kneipp Foundations, Bad Wörishofen. A facial font even does visibly good: screw the shower head off the shower hose, bend over the tub, pass the cold jet from the right temple over the forehead to the left and back. Jump up and down three times on the right side of the face, side change. Then circle around the face three times. From the inside? Helps a cure: You drink for seven days a glass of coconut water (health food) for breakfast. Tastes good and brings the immune system into flux.

The complexion with beauty helpers, who stimulate our microcirculation with the power of water, experiences rosy times. Activated: "Face Spray Rose" (from Melvita, about 14 Euro). Energiebooster: "Immortelle" day cream (from L'Occitane, about 49 euros), "Suprème Lift ampoules" (from La Mer, about 30 euros).

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