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Star Tattoos The tattoos of the stars

The Meanings of Star Tattoos for Men and Women (April 2019).


This gets under your skin: These stars have made small and large tattoos for eternity. What meanings the pictures have and who wears which tattoos are shown in our picture gallery: Stars and their tattoos.

Victoria Beckham

In Hebrew, Victoria Beckham pledges total devotion: "I belong to my beloved and my lover is mine". Her husband David Beckham had a ring of ten roses on his left arm for the tenth wedding anniversary: ​​a rose for each marriage together. Victoria, on the other hand, confessed to the same occasion on her left wrist: "Together forever, forever". Oh how beautiful!

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Cara Delevigne

The young model has not only been named "Face of the Year" by Chanel in 2012, but has also come to the taste of tattoos. Her first tattoo is a lion's head on her right index finger. Since July 2013 she has a new tattoo: The lettering "Made in England" now adorns her model foot.

Angelina Jolie

Probably the most famous tattoos by the beautiful actress and wife of Brad Pitt, are her Bengalese tiger on the lower back, as well as a lettering on the shoulder blade. He stands for her Cambodian citizenship and hides an old tattoo (a blue window), which was a symbol of loneliness. The writing on her shoulder blade is written in Khmer, the language of Asian Cambodia. Among other numerous tattoos, such as little dragons, crosses and symbols, Angelina Jolie has got the coordinates of her children's birthplaces engraved.

Hayden Panettiere

The girlfriend of the boxer Wladimir Klitschko will think twice next time about what she tattooed. In her lettering hides namely a spelling error. She had the sentence "Life without remorse" tattooed in Italian. Unfortunately, an "i" has sneaked too much into the word "rim (i) pianti".

Alyssa Milano

The actress, who has become famous for her role in the series "Who's the Boss", already has some tattoos on her body. Next to the angel on the right foot and a rose chain on the left ankle, she carries on one arm a Buddhist symbol for "Om" and on the other a snake ring …

On the red carpet, Alyssa Milano likes to show her Buddhist symbol in the neck and the rosary on her shoulder blade. Her belly is decorated by a little elf. For the series "Charmed" their tattoos were over-covered until the refiner agreed that even "witches" can wear tattoos.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope's lucky numbers are the Eight and Three. From her passion for numbers came the combination 883, which she tattooed on her ankle. About the meanings of their other tattoos (a subtle check on the wrist and a cross on the palm) is silent Hollywood beauty.

Beth Dito

This is where mother love gets under your skin: the singer Beth Doito has an anchor and the word "Mama" on her upper arm. Since someone seems to have a very close connection to his mother.

Christina Applegate

This actress has also embellished her ankles with the colorful pictures. Her left ankle skirts a tendril and on the right ankle there is a flower and a symbol with lettering. On her hip hides a swallow and a shell.

Drew Barrymoore

Her first role was the actress from "Charlie's Angels" in the movie classic "ET the extraterrestrial". Today, the 38-year-old is mainly seen in comedies. She has gained six tattoos over the years. On her ankle is a cross, under her belly button sits a butterfly and her back is embellished by three angels. The latest achievements are a lettering on the forearm with "Breathe" as well as a small bird on the other arm.

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Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum is in the process of removing part of her tattoo on her forearm. The curved lines on the forearm give the name of her ex-husband "Seal". The stars remain, because they are symbols for their children and thus have their place on Heidi's skin forever.

Eva Longoria

The beautiful Texan is probably most women known as "Gabrielle Solis" from the television series "Desperate Housewifes". The 1.57 cm small woman adorns her body with a cross on the coccyx. At the nape of her neck she wore the number nine. This is the back number of her ex-husband basketball star Tony Parker. After the divorce, the tattoo disappears piece by piece. So, beware of love tattoos, dear women!

Katy Perry

Pop singer Katy Perry loves crazy, unusual and personal tattoo motifs. On her ankles she wears a lollipop and on the other side a strawberry - both in the comic style. On her upper arm she wears a sentence in Sanskrit. Her wrist is decorated with a small lotus flower and the word "Jesus".


The singer from Barbados has been collecting tattoos for years. Behind her right ear is her star sign (Pisces), on the right collarbone is "Never a mistake, always a lesson", but written backwards, so she can read it in the mirror itself. On the right hand, the beautiful singer wears a tribal, which stands for strength and love. Rihanna processes experiences and memories in her tattoos - she already wears over 18 of them - and the trend is rising.

Lana del Ray

Singer Lana Del Ray collects tattoos on her hands - a total of three scriptures decorate the model's hands. "Trust no one", "The Young" and "Paradise" are the sentences that Lana always carries with her.

Megan Fox

The Transformers actress likes it literary. On her shoulder, she immortalized the phrase "One day we'll laugh about the gold-dipped butterflies" by Shakespeare. On her ribs you can read "There is a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART". Her heart has now lost to her husband Brian Austin Green. His name is now on her hip. A ying and yang sign, made of two waves, wears the beautiful actress on the wrist.

Melanie Griffiths

The love for her husband is so great that Melanie Griffith carries the first name of her husband Antonio Banderas on the upper arm. Love seems to be the guide to her tattoos with the actress. In her neck she wears the word "amor".

Michelle Hunziker

Tribal tattoos were in fashion a few years ago. Michelle Hunziker's bicep jewelry also dates back to this time. That tattoos should be well considered, was also Hunziker's bodyguard. In spring 2011, the pretty Swiss woman fired him for his tattoo. On his shoulder, the image of a Nazi fist prances.

Nicole Richie

The adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie bears the name, "Richie", on the neck. The small wings on her back and the rosary around her foot show her Christian side. On one wrist she has "Virgin" standing. The tattoo was created at the age of 16 - today she finds it silly to walk around as a wife and mother with "virgin" on her skin.

Pamela Anderson

For her starring role in the comic book adaptation "Barb Wire" Pamela Anderson tattooed the barbed wire hoop around the left upper arm. This is true body use for a film role!

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