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3-Minute Elegant SIDE BUN Hairstyle ★ EASY Summer Updo HAIRSTYLES (June 2019).


Variety for long hair: Now is braided, knotted, turned! We show you 7 ideas how to make a great hairstyle yourself.

Updo Sixties glamor

Seductively feminine - the retro hairstyle with teased back of the head and flat forehead is the perfect look for evening dress and also works great to casual jeans and business suit.

Updo Sixties glamor

  • Step 1: Fluffing

Divide a wide forehead strand and clip away. For a lot of fullness, moisten the hair around the head with a hairdryer spray, roll over thick round brushes and blow dry. Let the brushes cool in the hair.

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A tutorial for a simple lateral braided hairstyle can be seen in the video:

Updo Sixties glamor

  • Step 2: Toupieren

Start at the middle back of the head and straighten up strand by strand at the base. Comb the covering hair loosely over it. Take a clip from the forehead and trim it to the head.

Updo Sixties glamor

  • Step 3: Cheating

Tie the hair at the back of the head to the braid and attach a piece of hair (eg from Balmain). Incorporate false strands with your own to the tangled bun and fix with hairpins.

Updo Elvis-Tolle

Let's rock! The cool forehead roll and the deep neck knot survive even acrobatic dance performances, but also fit for a romantic candlelit dinner - love me tender!

Updo Elvis-Tolle

  • Step 1: Devour

Pull the left and right forehead obliquely to the back of the head. Clamp the head of the head up to styling loosely. Brush the remaining hair smoothly to the head and tie it behind the left ear with a hair tie to the loop.

Updo Elvis-Tolle

  • Step 2: Screw in

Rub a little gel between the fingertips and work into the long forehead strand at the top of the head. Roll the ends inwards over the back of the hand, turn them into an oblique roll and pin tight.

Updo Elvis-Tolle

  • Step 3: Fan out

Fanning the hair sling at the back of the head with your fingertips to a voluminous knot, hide the inside and fix everything with hair clips.

Updo Earthenware

The Ährenzopf is easy to braid with a bit of practice and tact. With a high bun, he becomes an eyecatcher for every occasion.

Updo Earthenware

  • Step 1: Picking

Brush the hair straight over the head forward. Deep in the neck divide three narrow strands and intertwine once. When further braiding at the back of the head, separate further strands on both sides and work in gradually. Braiding up to the top of the head, including the side sections.

Updo Earthenware

  • Step 2: Fix

At the highest point of the top of the head, tie the braid with a hair tie and pull ends through a hairline.

Updo Earthenware

  • Step 3: Screw in

The hair drape around the pillow. First turn the open strand at the top of the head, then pull it through the pillow from below. Now turn it until it winds itself to the snail, and pin invisibly.
NEW: Check out the exclusive FOR YOU tutorial for this updo!

Baroque plait knot

Nostalgic romantic style

Exclusive FOR YOU weaving tutorial: The twin braid >>

The baroque plait knot forms a charming contrast to delicate fluttering blouses and, combined with rustic plaited sweaters, is an original styling highlight.

Baroque plait knot

  • Step 1: Toupieren

Thick and thick hair is the best prerequisite for this updo.If you do not have a generous mane, simply spice it up after washing with volume foam or spray. For a good stand at the base, vigorously antoupce forehead and side parts.

Baroque plait knot

  • Step 2: Braiding

Pull the deep side vertex, divide three strands and once intertwine. Continue to weave and gradually incorporate further strands on both sides. Tighten plait with hair tie.

Baroque plait knot

  • Step 3: Drape

Wrap the hair on the back of the head in a lush knot and fix it with hairpins. Lay the braid across the knot, pin it down and push the end invisibly underneath.

Great and fluffy bun

Easy: role play

Clamps, spray and fun on the right shoot - more is not necessary for this hairstyle with correct great and fluffy Dutt. It works best when the hair is not freshly washed.

Great and fluffy bun

Updo: Rolling Game

  • Step 1: Screw in

Divide up the large section of the head with rather casual crests and turn the hair from the tips to the base. The Tolle from the forehead to the back with hair clips without volume stuck flat on the head.

Great and fluffy bun

Updo: Rolling Game

  • Step 2: Devour

Turn side sections to just behind the ears first. Then divide the strand of hair, swallow both strands against the rotation once and fix. The hair at the back of the head summarize and emphasizes fluffy and randomly to the knot. Clamp everything tight, pluck individual highlights wildly.

Great and fluffy bun

Updo: Rolling Game

  • Step 3: Firming

Spray over 20 cm away hairspray for strong hold.

Updo: Wuschel-Dutt

From the office right on the slopes? The casual Dutt does it all! Who has natural waves, with this styling is jerk, ready. Smooth manes get a curve styling before.

Updo: Wuschel-Dutt

  • Step 1: Ringing

Divide up smooth hair in batches and moisten with a foaming lotion to protect against heat. Curl strand by strand from tip to forehead with curling tongs and allow the waves to cool well.

Updo: Wuschel-Dutt

  • Step 2: Impact

Shake out curls and run through with your fingers or a coarse-toothed comb. The hair on the back of the head with your hands summarize, beat over the back of the hand to the banana - let the tips stand out - and fix with hairpins.

Updo: Wuschel-Dutt

  • Step 3: Structuring

Tips on the top of the head as if by accident. Sprinkle a few highlights with hairspray, twirl with your fingers and pluck all around the bun.

Updated banana with plaited neck

Noble look for every occasion. Urgent people do without braiding and beat the hair at the back of the head to the banana. For a short haircut with a long bangs, back the sides with gel.

Updated banana with plaited neck

  • Step 1: Reinforce

So that the hair becomes grippier and fuller and holds the great better, spray a thick dollop of volume foam into the palm of your hand. Knead with your fingers from the tips high in the hair.

Updated banana with plaited neck

  • Step 2: Braiding

Shake hair over head and start with the braid in the neck. When braiding on both sides gradually incorporated more strands up to the top of the head.

Updated banana with plaited neck

  • Step 3: pinning

Tie the braid with a hair tie, pull the ends through the rubber to the loop and pin. Toup the forehead hairs at the beginning and roll over the back of the hand to the voluminous madness. To attach to the top of the head, push the hair clips from the back to the front into the Tolle.

Styling tools: hair pillows

Nipples are also called "hair donuts" and are ideal pads for a bun. In the drugstore or popular online stores like amazon //

Styling Tools: Hairpiece

For example, you can buy hairpieces for clipping in nine different colors on amazon //

Styling tools: hair clips

Hair clips in all shades are in the drugstore, 12 pieces from about 1 Euro or conveniently online in the 200 pack //

Styling tools: hairpins

Hairpins give grip thanks to wave shape. In the drugstore, 20 pieces about 1 Euro or online for example here //

Styling tools: round brush

Round brush for example from Olivia Garden with anti-static effect //

Styling tools: modeling paste

Modeling paste for structuring: "Stylist Series Malleable Molding Paste" from Kiehl's, 150 g //

Styling tools: heat protection

Heat protection works up to 180 degrees, even in dry hair. "Protection Expert" by Franck Provost

Styling Tools: Hairspray

Hair spray for extra strong hold. "Elnett" by L'Oréal, 400 ml

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