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Beauty Tips The right brush for every hair

GOOD Mens Hair Tips | Picking the BEST Brush For Your Hair | 2017 (June 2019).


We are forever standing in front of the shampoo shelf in the drugstore, but when it comes to our hairbrush, we hardly worry. The right brush is just as important for hair care as shampoo and conditioner, after all, it is used daily. At the latest when damaged hair starts combing when combing, one should ask yourself the question, if that really is only due to broken hair or maybe you are using the wrong brush. Every hair type has individual needs.

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Nature is better than plastic

Similar to the skin care also applies to the hair: Natural materials are best for healthy-looking hair. Plastic or metal brushes without protective pimples rough the hair, damage the scalp and promote dandruff. Test the brush on the back of your hand. The bristles should not peck or feel uncomfortable.

For healthy shine

The best hairbrushes have natural bristles. Wild boar bristles, for example, are very similar in structure to our hair and are therefore particularly well suited. They remove dust, dirt and residues from styling products such as hair spray. They also spread the sebum on the hair roots from the neck to the lengths. This nourishes dry tips and gives the hair a natural shine.

For fine hair

Especially those who have fine hair, best resort to a brush with extra soft, nourishing natural bristles.

When styling, round brushes conjure up more volume. The classic round wooden brush with boar bristles is best for fine, short hair. When blow-drying with the round brush work from the beginning to the tips and hair on the brush briefly. In order to bring more volume into long hair, the hair needs above all heat so that it dries quickly. A round brush made of ceramic with holes in the brush head can store the heat during blow-drying and release it to the hair.

For long and strong hair

Strong, unruly hair can best be tamed with a wide paddle brush. It smoothes the hair when blow-drying and provides more shine.

For long hair brushes with mixed bristles are a must have. They combine the best of nylon and natural bristles: The slightly longer nylon pins unravel the hair and massage the scalp, while the natural bristles cleanse and care for. When buying, make sure that the individual bristle tufts are made of different lengths of bristles, because they penetrate the hair better when combing.

For curls

Wooden pencils are perfect for strong, slightly curly hair, because they do not charge your hair electrically. The widely spaced pins unravel the hair without touching. Additional nubs at the end of the wooden pencils massage the scalp and ensure better blood circulation.

Who does not want to destroy his curls by brushing, it is best to use a curly comb with wide prongs to loosen tangled strands. Be careful with plastic combs without rounded tips. They damage the hair and can deform at high temperatures. Better are combs made of hard rubber, natural rubber or wood with polished and polished tines.

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