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At home coloring hair yourself

How to Dye Hair at Home (Coloring Tips & Tricks) (June 2019).


Try a trendy color, cover gray, make highlights - we do not want to go to the hairdresser anymore. But we do not need it either.

Dye hair yourself

"I would like some kind of trial subscription for the new hair color" Carla (37)

Tints bring color and shine

Carlas hair has a bright natural color. That's why it's easy for them to test a new color by tinting. The color liquid is massaged like a shampoo. The pigments form a fine film around the hair, which has disappeared after three to eight washes. It is not strained. On the contrary, a tint brings shine! The luminosity of the color depends on the background: the brighter it is, the stronger the effect. Dark hair can only be refreshed or accented with a tint, for example, reddish or golden. By the way: If Carla had bleached hair, the test color change with a tint would not be possible. Due to the roughened hair surface, the pigments would have been irregular and penetrated deeper. The paint would have been piebald and would have lasted longer.

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"Viva Color Reflex" in copper from Wella, Sachet about 1.30 Euro.


"Si Naturelle" in Pulse Red from L'Oréal Paris, ca. 5, 50 Euro

"My wish: naturally bright strands" Sabine (35)

The fastest highlights in the world

For the "as kissed by the sun" look you had to put on a plastic hood earlier, pull hair strands through perforated holes and brush with bleaching liquid. Today the colored liquid is thickened with the sets of highlights, so that they are not so easy. She can simply pull Sabine through her hair from the beginning to the tips with the corresponding mini brush. If you can not cope with the brushes, take a big-toothed comb instead. Because the highlights look natural, Sabine uses a product that matches the color of her original hair color and lightens only one or two shades. At the back of her head she works with two mirrors or gets help from a friend. If you look at the renewable approach after six to eight weeks, Sabine simply treats the entire hair length again.

Products for highlights

"Highlights" from Londa, about 4 euros.

Products for highlights

"Nutrisse Creme Highlights Set" by Garnier, approx. 5 Euro

"How do I conceal the color on the neck?" Petra (40)

Cheat trick with intensive tints

Anyone who dyes their hair, like Petra, knows that: Often you can see after three weeks that it is regrowing in a different color. So far, there was only one approach treatment, in which the color is applied by the crest. Petra has now discovered a quick cheat trick: she just gives an intense tint in a fitting shade to the whole hair! In doing so, Petra ensures that the product is specifically suitable for colored hair. The mix of tinting and coloration penetrates only in the upper layer of hair and fades after about 20 washes. But it has less opacity than a real coloration. That's why Petra's trick does not work so well for women with gray hair or a color that differs greatly from the natural tone.

intensive tint

"Casting Crème Gloss" in Iced Brown by L'Oréal Paris, about 8.50 euros.

intensive tint

"Diadem approach set" in dark brown from Schwarzkopf, about 4 Euro

"Nobody should see that I have gray hair first" Ute (43)

Colorations defeat the gray haze

No one will notice Ute's gray hair: she dyes her hair with a permanent coloration that spice up the natural tone and covers 100 percent of gray. The new multitone colors are supernatural. In order for the nuance to be right, Ute has compared the photos on the package exactly with their original hair color when choosing the color. It always has the professional rule of thumb in mind: When you sway between two shades, you always take the brighter nuance - we usually see our own hair darker than it really is. Ute wears a day care treatment, which results in more uniform results for damaged hair. Before rinsing, put some lukewarm water on your hair to lightly knead the colouration for two minutes. This fixes the color and gives extra shine.

Permanent coloration

"Poly Color Cream hair color" in mahogany from Schwarzkopf, about 6 Euro.

Permanent coloration

"Mixing Colors" in praline - brown mix from Syoss, about 6 Euro.

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