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Promotion Hyalusome concentrate - the all-rounder against facial expressions

DERMASENCE AHA-Fruchtsäurepflege: Anti-Aging-Tutorial (June 2019).


Yes, indeed: The DERMASENCE Hyalusome Concentrate contains - in addition to the eponymous anti-aging skin care ingredients hyaluronic acid and liposomes - a highly potent "wrinkle killer". It is an innovative anti-aging peptide called Argireline®. His ability to smooth facial expressions is scientifically proven and secured.

Argireline® acts like Botox from the outside - it relaxes facial muscles and thus smoothes the affected areas of the skin. The rich facial fluid is a gentle alternative to the syringe cure and offers intensive care power especially for mature skin.

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Mimic muscles relax, smooth the skin and much more

The power fluid for anti-aging care

The care secret of the anti- aging peptide in the DERMASENCE Hyalusome Concentrate is fascinating. It uses the same anti-wrinkle mechanism and effectiveness as botulinum toxin (Botox) - just from the outside: Argireline® helps delay mimic contraction and prevents expression lines. Thus, on the one hand it can prevent the formation of wrinkles and lines, but on the other hand it can also reduce the depth of wrinkles.

In addition, the DERMASENCE Hyalusome Concentrate contains additional intensive care components: liposomes and hyaluronic acid cushion the skin and increase its elasticity in combination with jojoba oil. Furthermore, the containing vitamin A stimulates cell regeneration and the antioxidant complex with beta-glucan and vitamin E makes the skin umweltfit.

Thanks to this special anti-aging care power, DERMASENCE Hyalusome Concentrate is used not only as a day cream, but also often as an ideal complementary treatment for aesthetic procedures.

Smoothes and pampers the skin

Hard to believe: All this anti-wrinkle power is in a light facial fluid. Just test it out! Apply DERMASENCE Hyalusome Concentrate twice daily after cleansing. The power package for mature and stressed skin smoothes, tightens and nourishes so pleasantly and visibly that it is almost impossible to imagine day care without it.

The DERMASENCE Hyalusome Concentrate is skin-friendly perfumed and smells restrained pleasant.

The Hyalusome Concentrate fits almost every skin type. However, it is advisable to determine your own skin type with the skin test by DERMASENCE for skin-care-oriented care. Here, in just a few minutes, you'll get an idea of ​​the entire DERMASENCE anti-aging care program that we would recommend for your skin type

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