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Ketogenic diet Without carbohydrates to the desired weight

Everything You Need to Know About the Keto Diet (May 2019).


Do without pasta, bread and co and lose weight? That sounds like a low carb diet. Basically, the ketogenic diet is no different: meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, nuts and low-carbohydrate vegetables are allowed on this diet. Read here how the ketogenic nutritional principle works and what advantages and disadvantages there are.

Keto what?

If the body needs energy, it resorts to its storage of carbohydrates, its so-called glycogen supply. When this memory is used up, the body stops for starvation and tries to produce energy, especially for the brain, via the body's own fatty acids. This process is called Ketose in its course. The name of the ketogenic diet is thus derived from the desired body condition: the body tries to cover the required energy consumption by its own already existing fat reserves. If we do not replenish these reserves or provide additional resources to our bodies, the body's own fats will continue to decrease and we will lose weight.

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How does the ketogenic diet work?

Since the body first needs to use up its carbohydrate storage before serving on the nasty fats we want to discard, any carbohydrates must be rigorously wiped off the diet. These include, in particular, foods such as pasta, bread, potatoes and sugar. Low Carb 2.0 is the motto, which often reduces the state of mind due to the monotonous diet without the beloved noodles. Especially if you are not a fan of over-consumption of animal products, the coming weeks could be challenging.

But if you think now that you just have to eat proteins, we can reassure you. Too much meat, fish, yoghurt and cheese slow down the keto effect and quickly lead to acidification of the body, which can have unpleasant consequences.

So what does the ideal ketogenic diet look like?

A quark with fruit in the morning, an omelette with cheese for lunch and a salad with a steak in the evening. This could be the first day of a keto diet. High protein food with lots of protein, not too much meat and neat vegetables and fruits. Especially the consumption of carbohydrate-poor vegetables is important during the ketogenic diet, because otherwise it can quickly lead to digestive problems. In general, this form of nutrition is relatively easy to integrate into everyday life, as it is mainly about avoiding bad carbohydrates.

Healthy fats

In the afternoon, if you get a little low, an extra dose of fat can help get you going again. High quality sources of fat are mainly avocados and nuts. In addition, sufficient drinking is a must. Especially water washes toxins and acids from the kidneys. This way, you counteract hyperacidity and keep your intestines busy.

Benefits of the keto diet

  • It is easy to integrate into everyday life
  • Also in the restaurant there are mostly dishes without carbohydrates
  • Keto drains and breaks down fat - quickly and effectively
  • the insulin level is lowered - cravings go out
  • it provides enough energy to move and do sports
  • In the long term, it can prevent serious diseases such as cancer

Disadvantages of the keto principle

  • As with other diets too one-sided diet can lead to a decline in performance
  • too much animal protein causes hyperacidity
  • If you eat too little vegetables and fruits, you have to fight constipation quickly
  • it can quickly cause unpleasant halitosis
  • The well-known yo-yo effect is possible after the end of the diet


If you stick to the diet and completely dispense with carbohydrates, then you see after a short time first successes of the ketogenic diet. However, those who catch a free ticket for devouring tons of meat and fat through the diet, who plays with his health in the long term and will most likely not lose weight but even increase. As with all diets must be enjoyed here in moderation.

If you find carbohydrates too difficult, you can try a half-day keto diet and, for example, eat bread, pasta and co. Until 13.00 without a guilty conscience. From 13 clock it says but, stay consistent and renounce Carbs.

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