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Even the name does not bode well: crow's feet spread with age as our eyes wide. With our tips, you can at least a little damn the wrinkles.

At least in the 30s we have constant companions: small wrinkles around the eyes, also called crow's feet. With healthy self-esteem, a few wrinkles do not bother us, but there are a few simple tricks on how our skin stays smooth and firm for longer.

Healthy lifestyle also helps the skin

Who would have thought: Our lifestyle also affects the health of our skin. Nicotine sets our skin especially - it is poorly supplied with blood and age it faster. Alcohol, too much stress and little sleep are not exactly a beauty cure for our skin. And youthfulness finally comes from within. A healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber makes us look younger for longer.

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Cushion the wrinkles from the inside

Drinking a lot does not only help against headaches and tiredness. Water, unsweetened tea or highly diluted juice spruces up the skin from the inside - so it looks fresh even without Botox and Co. Ideal are two to three liters of water a day. Coffee is also liquid, but should be considered more as an extra.

And from the outside? The right care for crow's feet

Healthy skin does not really need care. In dry heating air or sensitive skin, a rich eye cream but necessarily in the bathroom shelf. At night, the skin can absorb the substances very well. Incidentally, a light sunscreen is also included in your beauty pouch from the first days of spring: the sun's rays can make the skin age faster.

Make-up tips for crow's feet

First of all, crow's feet can not be completely removed. However, if you choose the right products, you can distract a little from them. Concealer and Foundation should not settle in the eye wrinkles under any circumstances. Otherwise these are additionally emphasized. Glitter particles in creams or make-up can help to reduce the wrinkles due to the reflection and finally distracts good eye make-up from the wrinkles.

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