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Care tips So important is sunscreen for her face

The Ultimate Guide to Sunscreen (June 2019).


Our facial skin is particularly sensitive and most exposed to the sun. With the right sunscreen and our tips to protect your skin from sunburn, long-term damage and premature aging.

Summer, sunshine Sunshine - nothing is more tempting in the warm season, than just just let all five and the sun face the sun. Sunbeams make you happy and we feel more balanced. But even a short sunbathing can have consequences: sunburn, wrinkles or pigmented spots are not just issues with sensitive skin. So how can we best protect our skin from the negative aspects of the sun?

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So important is sunscreen for face and body

Sun protection is no longer just about sunburn caused by UVB rays. It does not matter if you cycle to work in the morning or if you shift the lunch break outside: Already normal daylight is one of the main reasons for premature skin aging. Especially in spring and summer the sun is particularly intense. Ten minutes on unprotected skin can cause permanent damage such as premature skin aging and pigmentation problems. Blame are the UVA rays of the sun, which penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, clear the way for free radicals and end up causing cell and tissue damage. The skin can not help itself so well, looks pale and flabby and it shows first wrinkles.

Of course, the sun is also an important source of energy. We reveal interesting facts about the healing power of the sun and give tips on how to find the right amount while sunbathing.

Sunscreen for the face: That's why special care is needed

But does it have to be a special sunscreen for the face? Yes, because the skin here is thinner and more sensitive than other areas of the body. In addition, our face is much more exposed to environmental influences and gets the most sun. Sunburn and wrinkles, which are favored by UV radiation, have a much greater chance of making our lives difficult. A mixture of care and sun protection factor (SPF) is therefore ideal to protect the skin.

UV protection: individual care for individual needs

Sensitive, dry skin, large pores and prone to impurities, oily skin or normal skin - hardly any other part of the skin makes as many individual demands on a cream as our face and makes a special care necessary. Sun creams for the face are tailored to these requirements and therefore differ from richer creams for the rest of the body. They offer a high level of UV protection (from SPF 30 to SPF 50), have a light texture and therefore do not overwhelm the skin. Even a normal day cream with a light SPF is already a good anti-aging helper.

Find the best sunscreen

UVA, UVB protection, chemical or mineral filters - on the packaging of sunscreen we find important information that should persuade you to buy the cream. So what combination is suitable for providing the skin with sufficient protection? A good cream protects the skin from both types of UV rays. A mineral filter is usually well tolerated, is mainly used in natural cosmetics and is suitable for sensitive, prone to allergies skin. The sunscreen is achieved here by small particles that reflect the sunlight on the skin. However, the sun protection factor is usually only up to 30 LSF Who wants to play it safe, also waives so-called nano-particles, of which one does not know exactly whether they settle in the body. A chemical filter acts in the skin and converts the rays into heat. Chemical filters also have many differences and it is worthwhile to take a closer look at this topic. An advantage of a chemical filter is reliable sun protection in high SPF ranges.

Sunscreen or day care with SPF?

The question remains, whether we should immediately resort to a sunscreen or maybe even a day cream with sun protection factor is sufficient? The latter is worthwhile in any case as an anti-aging strategy. With a special sunscreen for the face is a reliable protection against UV light in the foreground, so it is the better choice for more intense sunlight or longer stays outdoors. Thanks to the individual compositions, it can also be used well as a care or foundation for make-up. Even if you do not keep your face directly in the sun - a summer beach, the water or even snow in the mountains reflect the sun in addition. A cream with high SPF should be at least here, a SPF 30 or even SPF 50 are also ideal to help at the same time against premature aging of the skin. Basically, however, a reliable sunscreen is only maintained if regular creaming is applied.

Practical tips for sun protection

A simple rule tells us how much sunscreen we need for our face: a dash cream from the wrist to the top of our middle finger is the appropriate amount. Nevertheless, hardly any protection is safer than to avoid the sun - this is especially true at lunchtime, because now the risk of sunburn is particularly high. Even if we go on vacation because of the sun, you can treat your skin to take a break, have a delicious smoothie and enjoy a relaxing time in the shade. Even a hat with a wide brim offers extra protection.


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