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PORELESS + FLAWLESS SKIN - Skincare Routine And Tips ✖ James Welsh (April 2019).


Mimic wrinkles not only give our face character, they also reveal something about our age and our state of mind. These wrinkles can not be avoided in the course of life, but with the right care tips the skin stays smooth and wrinkle-free for longer.

The frowning of concentrated work, the squinting of the eyes in sunshine or just a hearty laugh - our face is constantly in motion. It's no wonder that this is not completely unnoticed by our skin. Lachfalten or small dimples can lend a face that certain something, who has bad luck, looks with deep wrinkles on the face but older or even gets a sullen expression. What helps against crowfoot and Co.? The right skin care and simple gymnastics exercises for the face!

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Even the best cream is of little use if the skin is not well cleaned. Find out everything about good facial care here >>

The right facial care is the alpha and omega for a wrinkle-free forehead and eye area. Who regularly uses a moisturizing day cream, a gentle make-up removal lotion and a rich night care, can wonderfully prevent small wrinkles. Face masks with an anti-aging effect can smooth out unsightly expression lines and lead to a visibly younger complexion.

Remove makeup is a must

Actually, a matter of course in the care routine, it can nevertheless happen again and again that we sink into the pillows after a long day and a long night in full make-up kit. For those who want to keep their skin wrinkle-free and smooth for a long time, make-up removal is all the more a must-have in the evening. Because make-up residues can stick to the skin, dry out and make it brittle - wrinkles develop. It is best to use a mild washing lotion that removes the cosmetics and gently cleanses the pores. Give up every now and then on Foundation, powder and Co. and start unvarnished in the day - your skin will thank you!

After cleaning: a rich night care

If the face is cleansed pore-deep, the skin should receive overnight with a cream of help for regeneration. The night care can therefore quiet richer - say with more oil shares - fail. In the morning you can remove any leftovers with warm water and apply a light moisturizer. The result: a healthy and even complexion.

The all-rounder against the aging process: the pomegranate >>

The power of nature: pomegranate as a mask

The nursing basics have you internalized? Then pamper your skin with a natural face mask. Pour the pomegranate seeds and pulp into a blender until a homogeneous mass has formed. Apply to cleansed face and leave mask on for about 25 minutes. The antioxidants and vitamins contained in the fruit act as a rejuvenating treatment for the skin. Attention: The red color of pomegranate colors and can leave unsightly stains on textiles.
Another tip: whether masks, lip care or creams, you can make your own cosmetics on a natural basis. We have put together some recipes for you.

Lots of water, enough sleep and gymnastics for firm skin

In addition to the proper care, there are other tricks with good effect against deep facial lines. You should provide your body with sufficient fluid: Drinking water is not only healthy, but protects your skin from drying out and thus wrinkles. Sufficient sleep and a balanced diet also contribute to a young and fresh complexion. Who avoids nicotine, alcohol and too much sun, reduces wrinkles automatically.

Wrinkles on the forehead and hanging corners of the mouth can also be easily removed. For unsightly facial expressions, there are some exercises that you can integrate into everyday life. Read more about facial gymnastics here >>

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