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My Sunless Tanning Routine | Jaclyn Hill (June 2019).


The long-awaited holiday is over and as we all know, the weather in Germany is unpredictable. Apart from sun, beach and sea is a crisp tanned complexion. But as soon as the skin renews, the tanned complexion begins to fade. With our tips, you can extend the summer tan by a few weeks - and spend even more of your holiday.

7 simple tips: How to keep the tan longer

1st tip: care from the outside

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In order to preserve the summer tan as long as possible, it is important to provide the skin with sufficient moisture. Normally, the top layer of skin renews itself every four weeks or so. The uppermost skin layer is then repelled. The drier and irritable the skin is, the faster this process goes. If you want to slow it, you should cream, what the stuff holds. Care products containing birch bark or aloe vera moisturise the skin and retain its elasticity.

2. Tip: nutrients from the inside

A well-balanced diet is not only important to staying healthy and fit, it also supports the beauty of the skin and hair by delivering essential vitamins. The more colorful the fruits and vegetables, the more effective it is for the beauty. In addition, it should be ensured sufficient fluid from the inside, that is, always drink enough - preferably still water and unsweetened teas.

3rd tip: exfoliation for the skin

A gentle, gentle exfoliation once a week causes wonders after a beach holiday. The exfoliation removes dead skin cells and makes the skin appear more radiant and even.

4th tip: Hot shower

If you take a hot shower too often, it will change the pH of your skin and it will dry out faster. It is better, therefore, to keep the shower channels as short as possible or just to take a shower in lukewarm water.

Tip 5: Avoid swimming pools

If you still want to keep your beautiful summer tan, then refrain from visiting swimming pools, if possible. Due to the chlorine contained in the water, the skin dries up and the tan disappears faster than it has come.

6. Tip: Tan out of the tube

Self-tanning from the tube is probably the best known means to conjure a tanned complexion in the fall and actually can be extended by this regular application, the natural tan. Here, however, care must be taken to evenly apply the cream, as otherwise unsightly stains.

7th tip: rest and relaxation

Give your body or your skin the necessary rest to regenerate. Adequate sleep is the best thing to do, because all these tips are only half as valuable if the body lacks recovery.

So there are a whole range of ways to preserve the beautiful Urlaubsteint long. However, if the tan fades, it is important to take advantage of every ray of sunshine in winter. Because only the sun gives a natural, healthy tan. A prerequisite is, of course, a sufficient sun protection. And as a last resort against the lost tan still the way to the travel agency.

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