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Tips for the kitchen How to cook with the wok

How To Cook With A Wok (June 2019).


Wok dishes are cooked quickly and healthy - because the vegetables remain crisp. We give tips for cooking with the wok.

If you want to go fast, the wok in the kitchen is your best friend. The food is cooked only briefly and hot, so you keep their freshness and crispness. We give you tips on what to consider when cooking with the Asian pan.

The right wok for your kitchen

Whether stainless steel, iron or cast iron - so you enjoy your wok as long as possible, you should pay attention to quality when buying. The lid should be slightly arched. When cooking with the wok, use only rounded wooden spoons so that the coating of the wok does not scratch. When buying, make sure the bottom of the wok fits your stove. An induction wok will do little for you on an electric plate or a gas stove.

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Preparation is everything

Once the wok is hot, it should be quick. To keep the kitchen from rushing, cut all the ingredients down before you start the stove. Then you can heat up highly heatable oil - for example, butter lard, sesame oil or coconut fat - and put the food into the wok one after the other. Hard vegetables like carrots come in first, then the other ingredients follow one after the other.

Panning and stirring is half the battle

As already mentioned: The wok is hot. Therefore, you must always swing or stir. Just as you know it from Asian food stalls. It's guaranteed not to burn.

Not just for frying: frying and steaming with the wok

Add frying oil to the wok and use it to prepare prawns in pastry or spring rolls. Due to the small diameter in the bottom of the wok you need less frying fat than in a common pot. To steam, add some water to the wok and put on top of special steaming inserts or steam baskets from the Asia supermarket. Here the food is prepared very gently.

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