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My Garden Year Heart Affair: Bleeding Heart

It's the Heart that Matters (June 2019).


Plant whisperer Peter Janke is happy about the renaissance of two blooming peasant plants.

In the past it was not allowed to miss in any farmhouse garden and was forgotten for a while. But right now it is experiencing a renaissance: the bleeding heart. The long-lived garden shrub with its unusually shaped flowers is, surprisingly, part of the poppy plant family. Above the attractive, pest-resistant foliage, the pink-white flowers bloom from late March to June. The pure white selection Alba is particularly noble. Those who are too lush over one meter high perennials will be served well with the lower growing heart flower. It forms over time in beautiful garden sites, such as in the root-ground under deciduous trees, from time to time beautiful flower carpets. Heart flowers are available in rich red, soft pink or noble white - and they reach heights of growth of 20 to 40 centimeters.

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++ In dry locations, the foliage at the Bleeding Heart already in July. I use late flowering plants such as asters or grasses to avoid bald spots.

++ Best planting time: right after flowering.

++ composting in autumn increase the abundance of flowers.

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